Accounting and tax advise

Specialized consultancy services and customized accounting solutions that help grow your business.

Through Ascent Finance, the financial and accounting services company of the Ascent group, we offer you a number of financial consultancy services.

These include accounting or accounting supervision services, audit, tax consultancy and financial management.

Correct interpretation and use of financial information is important for any manager, as it has a major impact on a company's operation. The Ascent team helps you make the best decisions for your company's future by providing data, forecasts, calculations, and concrete metrics to base your next steps on.

In order to run your business smoothly, it is important to have well-organized accounting that gives you accurate information for management decisions. Our focus is to offer you specialized consultancy services that meet the latest provisions of the Tax Code and personalized accounting solutions that help your business grow.

Accounting services

In order to run your business smoothly, it is important to have well-organized accounting that will provide you with correct information for management decisions, as well as with accurate reporting in relation to government institutions.

At Ascent we offer you assistance in the organization and management of accounting financial activity, document registration services, preparation and submission of monthly, quarterly and annual tax statements, the preparation and certification of annual financial statements, consultancy on any financial or fiscal matter.

Accounting supervision

If you have your accounting organized inside your company, it is important to have regular external review in order to ensure that you correctly implement new regulations in an ever-changing tax system, but also that you take advantage of all the existing fiscal facilities.

At Ascent we offer monthly, quarterly or annual accounting supervision services, including reviewing the bookkeeping, checking statements and calculating fees, as well as providing solutions for optimization.


Through its auditor partners, Ascent Group provides financial audit services. These services involve an examination of financial statements by an independent professional, and an opinion on the bookkeeping of the company.

The audit includes the benchmarking of the company’s main financial indicators, the identification and recommendation of the most appropriate accounting policies, the production of annual audit reports in accordance with International Audit standards, accepted by the Romanian Chamber of Financial Auditors.

Financial consultancy

The financial consultancy services we offer mainly consist of consultancy on accounting matters, consultancy on tax calculation issues: VAT, corporate tax, local taxes, labor taxes and duties, advice related to legislative changes in tax law, accounting assistance in merger and acquisition projects, financial analysis.

Financial management and planning

Correct interpretation and use of financial information is important for any manager at any given time. Management and Financial planning services help companies make the right decisions based on financial information, support for budget activities, cash flow or profit and loss account (P&L) analysis, interpretation of key financial analysis indicators and advice about management decisions based on them.

Financial controlling

Financial controlling is an important management tool, with the primary aim of supplying important information for decision-making, while providing support to coordinate the processes of a company in order to lower costs, maximize revenue and achieve its strategic goals.

The main objective of the financial controlling activity is to maintain managers' capacity of coordination, adaptation and rapid response, by mainly studying the discrepancies between what was planned and what is achieved, and providing guidance on how to remedy the situation.

Meet the team

Renata Ban

Financial Manager Ascent Group

At the professional level Renata has 20 years of experience in accounting finance, in the financial departments of local or multinational companies (Arconta, Porta Doors, Magontec, Takata, Leoni) and in financial and accounting consultancy with Ascent Group. All these years she has been involved in numerous consultancy projects, both for local and multinational companies, in various fields of activity: automotive, manufacturing, it, agriculture, trade, services.

Since 2012 Renata becomes Senior Partner in Ascent Finance, a company specialized in financial and accounting services within the Ascent Group. Over the last years, thanks to her consistent professional knowledge combined with very good communication skills, Renata has also become a very good trainer on financial issues, mainly in training programs of Finance for Non-financials, efficient use of Ciel accounting program, personalized consultancy, etc.

Alina Isac

Financial Consultant

Alina is a graduate of Banking and Finance at the Faculty of Economics of the Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad and of a Master in Accounting and Enterprise Management at the same university. At the professional level, Alina has 23 years of experience in the financial and accounting field, in the financial departments of local or multinational companies (Constar, Ascent Group, Leoni), and in financial and accounting consultancy with Ascent Finance.

Since 2005, Alina has become an Economic Director in Ascent Finance, the financial-accounting subsidiary of Ascent Group, and over the years has managed a complex portfolio of companies in different fields of activity and has been involved in numerous financial audit projects or accounting expertise.

Dorina Damean

Financial Consultant

Dorina is a graduate of Accounting and IT Management at the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad, and has participated in numerous courses and specializations in the financial and accounting field over the years. Dorina proficiently uses the Ciel, Saga, Contab SQL accounting programs, as well as the MS Office software package.

Dorina has 17 years of experience in accounting and finance, in the financial departments of local companies and in financial consultancy with Ascent Group. Since 2014, she has become a financial consultant within Ascent Group, where she professionally manages a broad portfolio of clients with different activities, offering solutions, support and consultancy in the financial and accounting field.

,,În 2012 Minimold a deschis o fabrică la Timișoara, care a reprezentat un succes deosebit, un succes care nu ar fi putut fi posibil fără ajutorul și sfaturile primite din partea Ascent Group, și în mod apecial a Adelei Cristea și a echipei sale excepționale”.

Charles J. Lobkowicz

President and CEO, Minimold SpA

,,Ascent Group este un partener mereu deschis la nevoile noastre, care ne ajută să ne dezvoltăm în siguranță. Comunicarea consultanților Ascent cu membrii echipei noastre este foarte bună, oferindu-ne soluții la provocările pe care le întâmpinăm în activitatea financiar-contabilă. Pentru noi, Ascent Group este un partener de 5 stele.”

George Manoilă

General Manager, Deninstal