Social responsibility

Building in a sustainable way is primarily based on giving something back to your community.

At Ascent Group, we support organizations and projects that add value to the community.

We have supported numerous non-governmental organizations or projects over the years, supporting them financially or with know-how, in order to help them carry out their activities, in diverse fields such as culture, sport, youth, or helping people in need. We will continue to do it because we are convinced that it is part of our social responsibility, but also because we greatly appreciate these initiatives and the people behind them.

Below you can find some of our supported organizations and projects, in alphabetical order:


We love AIESEC, because we know the impact it leaves on the people who choose to get involved in it. Indeed, one of the founders of Ascent Group is a former Member of AIESEC Timișoara, so we have been with the organization throughout the years in numerous projects carried out in Timișoara and Arad, including supporting the entire process of training the AIESEC Local Committee in Arad.

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Drupal Romania Association

We believe in the concept of open source and the impact that open source developer communities have in society. For this reason, we have supported Drupal Romania Association since its creation, both with legal and fiscal advice, and with support for organizing events.

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"Proactive for the Future" Association

"Proactive for the Future" Association promotes sport among children and young people, organizes athletics camps and competitions for students, and organizes prestigious competitions such as Triatlonul Proactivi (the Proactive Triathlon) or Crosul Cetății (the Fortress Cross-Country Run) annually.

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Proactive Triathlon

Proactive Triathlon is one of the most prestigious sports competitions in Western Romania. Year after year, we are happy to give financial support and prizes to this beautiful competition, which is primarily aimed at promoting physical exercise and the multidisciplinary character of sport, but also at promoting the Arad vineyards area.

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Alternative Tourism Association

The Alternative Tourism Association aims to show people the benefits of the places they live in, from the city and region of Arad to Romania as a whole. As a group of enthusiastic and dedicated young people, they aim to change people's outlook on the long term, but also to become the official authority in alternative tourism in Romania and create the "Alternative Tourism Guarantee" as a quality standard in this field. At Ascent Group, we offer them the legal, financial and accounting support necessary to carry out their projects (such as Arad Free Tours, Blogul Aradean, the Tourism School or the Bizere Half Marathon).

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Baschet Club Best

One of the most active youth basketball clubs in western Romania is Baschet Club Best Arad. At Ascent Group, we are pleased to have supported the club's activity over the years, by providing the necessary facilities or supporting young people's participation in international basketball camps or sports competitions.

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Moise Nicoară Foundation

The Moise Nicoară National College is one of the most prestigious schools in Romania. The activity of the school and its students is constantly supported by the Moise Nicoară Foundation. At Ascent Group, where our team has several graduates from this high school, we are glad to be able to support the Moise Nicoară Foundation with the financial and accounting consultancy services necessary for them to carry out their activity.

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Ponte delle Arte

The International Biennale of Contemporary Arts in Arad was a major project aimed at stimulating the development of contemporary plastic culture by creating a context of dialogue and exchange of experience between creators from all over the world. Ascent Group supported this project throughout its existence, both through legal and financial consultancy services and by mediating relations between partners from different parts of the world.

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"Do you want to be a meloman?"

The project “do you want to be a meloman?” is an adventure in the land of classical music for all lovers of art, with the primary aim of bringing children closer to the world of music. Ascent Group is a strong supporter of projects in the field of education and we are pleased that every year we can financially support this project.

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Suporter Club UTA

The Suporter Club UTA Association (SCU) is one of the most active sports associations in the Western part of the country. By organizing numerous events with the aim of raising awareness about the UTA brand (local football team) among people in Arad, as well as numerous charitable actions, SCU is an active player in the public life of Arad. Ascent Group supports the association by providing accounting and financial consultancy.

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The RedUTA magazine

The RedUTA magazine, created by UTA Arad supporters, aims to improve the image of UTA among the people from Arad, and also to be a bridge between the fans and the club they support. Ascent Group supported the magazine, throughout its life, both financially and with its content.

Mișcarea Aradeană Association

The Mișcarea Aradeană Association has for many years been the standard of civil society in Arad, both through educational actions for pupils and young people (the “Arad, My Love” and “Arad Leaders Academy” projects), and through actions to preserve the urban heritage, fighting against public administration abuses, or environmental volunteering. At Ascent Group, we believe in the strength of local communities and in people's civic spirit, so we supported this movement both through legal and financial-accounting services, as well as through financial resources or know-how in projects.

Miloș Cristea Association

Miloș Cristea was one of the outstanding figures of Arad. The Miloș Cristea Association campaigns for the preservation of the architectural heritage of the city, and Ascent Group supports all the activities of the association with legal and financial consultancy.