Human Resources Services

Assistance and support through customer-driven services based on a good understanding of the metabolism of each company.

Human resources are the most valuable resource that a company has in any field of activity.

The key to success for any organization is employees who not only have the skills to occupy a particular position, but also align with the values of the organization, fully understanding and adopting its culture.

Ascent Group provides customers with the support they need to find the best candidates through services that streamline the selection and recruitment process and support their training and development through high quality courses.

Moreover, our goal is to adapt services to the specific characteristics of each company by providing support in terms of personnel management and pay, labor law issues, outplacement, restructuring or work conflict mediation.

Selection and recruitment of staff

Finding the best candidates is most often the key to success for organizations. Ascent Group offers selection and recruitment services based on a very good understanding of client needs and the organizations' metabolism, in order to choose the people best suited for its development. In the selection process we use psychoaptitudinal and professional tests that help us choose the right candidates to recommend to our customers.

Executive search and headhunting

In the top management or highly specialized positions in organizations, classic recruitment methods based on announcements often do not reach the most suitable candidates. Through the executive search services, the consultants of Ascent Group, relying on their own network of contacts and recommendations, target the most valuable candidates in the market and present them to their customers. Through headhunting services, the Ascent Group consultants contact candidates who are directly targeted by the client and cannot otherwise be approached, or facilitate collaboration between the parties.

Staff assessments

Ascent Group assists companies with personnel assessment services, both in recruitment processes by identifying the best candidates for a role, and in choosing the most suitable candidates within the organization for promotion or in restructuring processes. We also provide assessment center services for business projects where you want to assess a set of skills. Ascent Group holds numerous personnel rating licenses, such as Identity Compass, LIFO, Belbin, some of theme exclusively owned in Romania or other Eastern European countries.

Personnel administration and payroll

Personnel and salary administration services include the drawing up of employment contracts and amendments, the procedures for recording documents with the competent institutions, the drawing up of staff files, the keeping up to date of REVISAL, informing customers of legislative changes which have occurred, and the calculation of salaries, preparation and submission of all tax returns, i.e. drawing up and recording compulsory reports on state institutions (social security fund, unemployment, health, wage and contribution payments, etc.) and specific reports requested by clients.

Personnel leasing

Personnel fluctuations create a lot of uncertainty in organizations. The staff leasing services we offer give employers the possibility to reduce their risks, by ""renting"" additional staff only during periods when they have increased activity or new projects. The personnel leasing services also help the organization transfer the bureaucratic part of the work relationships to Ascent Group: Preparation and registration of employment contracts and changes, salary calculation, tax payments, periodic reporting, etc.

Outplacement services

There are also difficult times when companies have to give up some of their employees. It is very important that such situations are treated with care towards those who need to be made redundant. Ascent Group offers outplacement services, where it provides a package of support services for employees who are going through such a difficult situation: advice for finding a new job, assessments to identify opportunities for professional development, specialization or skill development courses, business start-up advice.

Recruitment of non-EU workers

The identification of local staff for some activities often becomes difficult. In such situations, the company's growth is at risk, with a lack of human resources being a major bottleneck. With the help of reliable partners in many countries around the world, such as Vietnam, Sri Lanka and India, but also in closer countries such as Serbia and Moldova, Ascent Group supports the recruitment of non-EU staff by identifying suitable candidates, according to the client companies' request and with all formalities for their employment in Romania (obtaining a work permit, a long-stay visa, a residence permit for employment, etc.)

Restructuring and reorganization of companies

Business dynamics and market uncertainties sometimes lead organizations to restructure or reorganize, either to survive external pressure and reduce costs, or to move to a new level: create more flexible structures and innovate. Ascent Group consultants have over 20 years of experience in restructuring and reorganization projects of companies, including large companies of over 5,000 people in post-privatization restructuring projects. Our team gives you advice on both the legal ways of managing restructuring or reorganization situations, as well as on the evaluation and rethinking of existing processes and flows, and on the assessment of staff and their compatibility with the new requirements, etc.

Workplace conflict mediations

Workplace relations are never simple, and in large organizations, where employees' representatives or trade unions are strong and experienced, the regular negotiation of collective agreements and the management of conflict situations with employees are often very challenging for organizations. Ascent Group consultants have over 20 years of professional experience in workplace conflict mediator consulting, with notable results in managing difficult situations for many important organizations, including in corporate restructuring or strikes.

Consultancy on matters related to labor law

The drafting of employment contracts, internal rules and collective agreements should not be a stress factor. Through the labor law consultancy services, Ascent Group offers you support on legal issues related to labor law, from the drafting of various documents required by law to carry out employment reports with employees, to assistance in labor disputes or negotiations in connection with employment reports.

Coaching and personal development

Employee training must be a permanent concern of any company. Lifelong learning and the continuous acquisition of new skills and competences will be key to the future.
At Ascent Group, we have 15 years of experience in delivering high quality courses, tailored to the needs of our clients, in fields such as developing managerial and leadership skills, developing communication skills, creativity and innovation, developing entrepreneurial skills, financial management. For more details about our training services, we invite you to visit our dedicated page and our training catalog.

Meet the team

Florina Băbău

HR Manager Ascent Group

Florina is a graduate of the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the West University of Timisoara and has numerous certifications in the field of management and human resources. At the professional level, Florina has over 15 years professional experience as human resources manager, project manager, implementation and process improvements, projects with European funds, organization of motivational events, assessment and personnel development, for both multinational and Romanian companies.

Since 2019 Florina became HR Manager within Ascent Group, coordinating the group's human resources activities and projects at national level. Last but not least, Florina is also an experienced trainer in soft skills and team building programs.

Daniela Cuha

Payroll & Admin Manager

Over the years, Daniela has followed courses and specializations in the field of humanities and social sciences, among which a Human Resources Inspector course accredited by the National Authority for Qualifications and the Pedagogy course at the Aurel Vlaicu University, etc. She is an ambitious person and has the capacity to act in a balanced and calm and objective manner.

Professionally, Daniela has more than 10 years of experience in the field of human resources, gaining experience both in government institutions and the private sector. Over the years, she has been involved in many different consultancy projects, such as the evaluation and development of plans to improve the activities of various companies, and has actively participated in workshops to evaluate client companies.

Adina Almăjanu

Office Manager - Bucharest

Professionally, Adina's experience comes mainly from the human resources and training field, being for many years a trainer and project coordinator in international youth programs (e.g.: Erasmus), or trainer and human resources consultant in national and international projects, for private companies and NGOs.

Adina is currently Ascent Group's Office Manager. in Bucharest, but also an HR specialist & trainer of the Ascent Group, with experience both as a trainer in programs to develop presentation and communication skills, develop leadership skills, build and develop the team, team building, or design thinking capabilities, for local and multinational companies. Not last she was the coordinator of numerous personnel development programs and assessment centers for prestigious companies.

Alina Șerb

Human Resources Specialist

Alina is a graduate of “Aurel Vlaicu” University - Economic Science Studies with a major in “Accounting and Stock IT”. Her professional activity in the HR area began in 2004, as an economist with diverse responsibilities. This start-of-the-journey complexity has shaped her for the role she’s had in Ascent group - as a Human Resources specialist - since 2011.
Her technical and organising skills are ideal for someone in her role. Alina has consolidated her practical skills with in-depth knowledge gained from an array of professional training courses.

Alexandra Ristin

Human Resources Specialist

Alexandra is a graduate of Computer Science at the Faculty of Exact Sciences of the Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad, and of a Master in Informatics Applied in Science, Technology and Economy. In the second academic year of her Bachelor studies, Alexandra also followed an international training program, namely an Erasmus study grant at the Miguel Torga Higher Institute in Coimbra, Portugal.

Professionally, Alexandra began her experience in the IT field, but after 3 years, she turned to her second passion, human resources. Alexandra has been Assistant Manager at Ascent Group for more than half a year, having had the opportunity to become acquainted with the HR environment from the very beginning. In her role, she is already involved in projects in different areas of human resources.

,,Când vine vorba să participi la un Training organizat și susținut de către echipa Ascent Group, un lucru e cert: pleci cu gândul și cu pofta să muți munții din loc. Mediul cald și totodată profesionist, subiectele adaptate mereu la realitatea actuală și debate-urile constructive din cadrul întâlnirilor creează, la un loc, o experiență de neuitat. Mulțumim, Adela, și abia aștept să ne revedem în sala de curs!”

Gabriela Mihăilă

Sales Training Manager România & Moldova, Avon Cosmetics

"În buna colaborare pe care o avem cu Ascent Group - sub raport contabil, payroll sau juridic - nu am rămas niciodată cu vreo problemă nerezolvată. În comunicarea cu cei din echipa Ascent, aceștia sunt receptivi, iar soluțiile pe care ni le propun apar cu promptitudine. Își fac întotdeauna timp să discute cu noi la un nivel profesionist și am apreciat claritatea în expunerea problemelor și a soluțiilor."

Marius Munteanu

General Manager, Baum Piping

"Ascent Group nu este doar un furnizor de servicii pentru noi, ci un partener de încredere în activitatea noastră zilnică. Adela și toată echipa ei sunt mereu atenți la nevoile noastre, chiar și în momente de intensitate ridicată, reușind să asigure cele mai înalte standarde de calitate."

Giovanni Pometti

Segretario Generale, Camera di Commercio Italiana per la Romania

,,Am colaborat cu Ascent Group în proiecte de training și assessment center. Am apreciat în primul rând gradul de personalizare al serviciilor și flexibilitatea de a construi programe bazate pe nevoile reale și concrete ale organizației noastre, Coca-Cola Hellenic. În același timp, am apreciat faptul că echipa Ascent Group este formată din oameni cu mulți ani de experiență în practică, cu o bună capacitate de a înțelege realitățile din companii și, nu în ultimul rând, care abordează proiectele cu entuziasm și energie pozitivă.”

Simona Țiplea

Regional HR Director, Coca-Cola Hellenic

,,Ascent Group este un partener mereu deschis la nevoile noastre, care ne ajută să ne dezvoltăm în siguranță. Comunicarea consultanților Ascent cu membri echipei noastre este foarte bună, oferindu-ne soluții la provocările pe care le întâmpinăm în activitatea financiar-contabilă. Pentru noi, Ascent Group este un partener de 5 stele.”

George Manoilă

General Manager, Deninstal

“Echipa Ascent Group este un partener de încredere pentru noi, împreună cu care am creat programe cu mult sens atât pentru angajați cât și pentru business. Adela este un trainer extraordinar care reușește să îmbine exemplar prezența la nevoile audienței, cu scopul programelor livrate creând un mediu dinamic și interactiv care invită la învățare și adoptarea unor perspective noi.”

Mihaela Matei

Head of Human Capital - People Management, DP World

,,În 2012 Minimold a deschis o fabrică la Timișoara, care a reprezentat un succes deosebit, un succes care nu ar fi putut fi posibil fără ajutorul și sfaturile primite din partea Ascent Group, și în mod special al Adelei Cristea și al echipei sale excepționale."

Charles J. Lobkowicz

President and CEO, Minimold SpA

"Pentru NC-Vision, Ascent este un partener pe care ne putem baza în permanență, încă de la început. De la Resurse Umane și până la departamentul Juridic, Ascent a oferit întotdeauna servicii profesionale, promptitudine și eficiență, ori de câte ori a fost necesar. Cu toată încrederea, le recomandăm serviciile!"

Anca Szomoru

Customer Support Manager, NC VISION

"De la începutul colaborării am descoperit o echipă de oameni profesioniști, dedicați, orientați spre rezolvarea problemelor clientului. ASCENT GROUP este un partener de încredere ce oferă servicii de contabilitate, payroll și juridic; tot ce avem nevoie într-un singur loc. Acestea sunt câteva din atuurile care ne determina să îi recomandăm!”

Ada Balica

People and Culture Administrator, Share Dimension SRL