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Online Course

This course will be rolled through the Zoom platform.

The art of making good decisions based on numbers…

Interpretation of financial information is important to any manager at any time. But in the current crisis, when decisions and reactions need to be faster than ever, they become critical.

How do we make the right decisions based on financial information? What is the role of budget budgets and budget activity? What is the cash flow or profit and loss account (P&L)? What are the costs and how important are they in the decision-making process? How do we interpret financial analysis indicators?

Although the economic and financial reports provided by the company’s economic departments are important tools for the decision-making system and the management of a company, it is difficult for a non-financier to use them effectively, when the basic principles and terms used are almost unknown.

Our course aims to help you understand the notions in financial reports and use them effectively in decision making.

Who is it for?

The course is aimed in particular at managers, executives who require a general understanding of financial management issues or specialists who encounter financial problems in their activity.

Course objectives

  • Understanding of the basic principles and customary terms used in the financial statements
  • Awareness of the importance of financial information in decision-making
  • The evaluation and use of the financial information submitted
  • Understanding the different types of costs and how they influence the decision-making process

Course content

  1. General financial accounting concepts
  2. Use of financial reports
  3. The overall financial cycle of a business – the liquidity cycle: Financing, investment, operation, earnings
  4. Sources of funding
  5. Understanding the profit and loss account (P&L)
  6. Understanding of the balance sheet: Structure, interpretation
  7. Cash-flow – understanding and management
  8. Profit and loss account, balance sheet and cash-flow correlations. Profit vs. cash flow
  9. Evaluation of financial results
  10. Performance indicators (profitability, liquidity, financing)

The course will take the form of 3 modules * 2 hours, with a frequency of 1 module/week, complemented by a series of other pre-work and home work activities.

Other activities


For each training module the participants will receive a pre-work (allocated time: Max. 30 min/module = individual study time)

 Homework / deepening

At the end of the course participants will receive:

  • a practical homework they will have to put into practice together with their team
  • recommendations for further reading or viewing in order to deepen.


All the training modules of Ascent Group are based on the “Learning by doing” method and contain many practical applications, tests, games and role-play. Thus, training will ensure continuous interactivity between participants, including in the online version and their continued involvement in the learning process. The share of practical activities in the course content is around 70%.

During the course of the training participants will have the opportunity to practice agenda related items, from financial information interpretation, budget reading and interpretation, to the calculation of performance indicators and evaluation of their teams’ financial performance or evaluation of investment projects.

About the trainer

The trainer of this module is Renata Todoran, Senior Partner of Ascent Finance. Renata is a graduate of the Faculty of Economic Sciences, accounting and information Management Section, a master in financial markets and stock exchanges, an accounting expert certified by CECCAR, a judicial expert in accounting finance and a graduate of numerous courses and specializations in financial and accounting matters, respectively in the field of training of trainers.

Renata’s professional experience includes more than 12 years in accounting finance, both in the financial departments of local or multinational companies and in financial and accounting consultancy in various fields of activity: automotive, manufacturing, IT, agriculture, commerce, services. Last but not least, communication skills and training in communication, public speech and NLP recommend her as a very good trainer.

Additional information

Ascent Group uses a variety of online tools to conduct virtual sessions, such as: Zoom, Adobe Connect, Mural, Miro, etc. this course will be conducted through the Zoom platform. At the start of the course each participant will receive an introductory mail with a few preliminary instructions and the course access link. All participants will also receive a course media at the end that they can print.

The course rate includes participation in the 3 online training modules, delivery of the program by a senior trainer and a assistant (+ technical support) of the Ascent Group, all materials needed for training, the cost of training licenses and the preparation of pre-work and homework activities. That tariff does not include VAT.

Organizations that enroll multiple participants shall have a discount of 5% of the rate for the second participant and 10% of the rate for the third party. Please contact us for more information.

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