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The minimum differential wage will be introduced starting with the 1st of January 2019

Starting with January 2019, the gross minimum wage will increase and will be differentiated according to the level of education.

The Government approved this week an Emergency Ordinance amending a number of normative acts, including the Labor Code - Law no. 53/2003, and Law no. 279/2005 on apprenticeship at the workplace. Amendments to the Labor Code will come into force on 1st January 2019 and aim to create the legal framework for establishing the minimum gross national salary guaranteed in pay by reference to the criteria for the level of studies.

Initially, the change envisaged differentiation according to the seniority in work, but in the end the Government dropped it, keeping only differentiation according to the level of education. read more»

Finance for non-financials - open training - București, 12-13 martie 2019

2019-03-12 09:00
2019-03-13 17:00


Arta de a lua decizii bune pe baza cifrelor...

Cât de importantă este pentru orice manager informaţia financiară în luarea deciziei? Care este rolul bugetelor şi activităţii de bugetare? Ce reprezintă cash-flow-ul sau contul de profit şi pierdere (P&L)? Ce reprezintă costurile şi ce importanţă au acestea în procesul decizional? Cum interpretăm indicatorii de analiză financiară?

Deşi raportările economico-financiare furnizate de departamentele economice din companie constituie instrumente importante pentru sistemul decizional şi conducerea unei companii, pentru un non-finanţist e dificil să le folosească eficient, în situaţia în care principiile de bază şi termenii folosiţi sunt aproape necunoscuţi.

E posibil ca unii dintre manageri să considere că informaţia financiară este doar o obligaţie a companiei în relaţia cu instituţiile fiscale ale statului.

Cursul nostru îşi propune să vă ajute să înţelegeţi noţiunile din rapoartele financiare și să le folosiţi eficient în luarea deciziilor. read more»

What do Service Design and Design Thinking mean?

In case you have heard of Service Design and Design Thinking but do not know exactly what they are, this article is for you.

Have you ever entered a store, hotel or restaurant and felt that something was not entirely how it is supposed to be? That what you are looking for is not in the right place, that it takes too long for you to be served, or that many of the employees’ actions or operations are useless? Have you ever accessed a certain website and felt it was very complicated to find what you were looking for, doing unnecessary mouse movements and countless clicks until you found the button you needed

Have you ever felt that the people inside your organization who provide you with internal services (legal, HR, purchasing, ICT, etc.) do not always respond promptly and efficiently enough to your needs? Or that your whole experience in the organization is far from desired? read more»

Unique event: Larry Farrell in Bucharest

2018-09-05 09:00
2018-09-05 14:00

About entrepreneurial attitude and the success stories of the great entrepreneurs 

Ascent Group has the unique opportunity to invite you to meet, in Romania - Bucharest, Larry Farrell, the number 1 worldwide expert and a true entrepreneurial guru, in a half-day seminar with the topic "The Entrepreneurial Attitude".

The event, organised in partnership with Exact and KissFM, is based on Larry Farrell's over 25 years experience in researching and teaching development practices for entrepreneurs, ranging to the new findings exemplified in his latest book, "The Entreprenurial Attitude". His experience is sustained by more than 5 million entrepreneurship course participants around the world in the seminars held by The Farrell Company. read more»

Dividends may be payed also during the year!

The law permitting the payment of dividends during the year was voted. According to the principle "autumn is a time of harvest ", perhaps from September or October this year we will already be able to reap the "fruits" of the business.

On July 12, the normative act (Law 163/2018) amending the dividend payment procedure was published, which allowes the distribution of the profit between the companies' shareholders also quarterly, within the limit of the net profit realized after the preliminary filing of an interim financial statement . read more»

What we need to know about personal data protection procedure

The European Parliament and the Council of Europe adopted on 27 April 2016 the EU2016 / 679 Regulation on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data. Its provisions will be applicable in all Member States of the European Union as of 25 May 2018. read more»

Ascent Group exceeds the threshold of 3 million euros in 2017!

2017 was a year of business growth and consolidation for Ascent Group, which was confirmed by the reported financial results. With a turnover increase of 14.9%, the group exceeds its own growth forecast, estimated at the beginning of the year at 10%, and for the first time in its history it has reached an annual turnover of EUR 3 million.

Not only the turnover shows a positive development, but all the main indicators of the group registered increases in 2017, respectively all types of services provided by the companies within the group had positive dynamics.

The year 2017 represented also a key year in the recognition of Ascent Group as a global training programs provider. This year, the training and coaching division of the group has won several important international projects, thus engaging in the formation of management teams in different countries in Central and Eastern Europe. read more»

New deadlines regarding the transmission of the salary changes to ITM

The year 2018 brings changes at all levels, including the General Employee Evidence Register and its submission to ITM via the Reges platform. According to Government Decision no. 905/2017, published on 19 December 2017 in the Official Gazette no. 1005, there are regulations regarding the new deadlines for transmitting changes to the contractual elements.

Thus, in August 2017, a new rule was introduced which stipulated that the change of any contractual clause must be registered and transmitted to ITM no later than one day before the date of its entry into force, in this way removing the provisions of the Labor Code stipulating the period of 20 days. read more»

The summary of the legislative changes in 2018

The year 2018 started with a lot of fiscal changes, contained in various normative acts. This is why we are trying to make a brief recap of the legislative changes that take place this year and a reminder of the main checks and declarations to be made at the beginning of the year: read more»

2018. What's really changing in the people development market?

The classical two days training approach is less and less required by companies. The companies are looking for more customised people development programs that include a variation of approaches from hard skills, soft skills training to interactive workshops and coaching and mentoring one on one sessions to consolidate the discovery and the learning. 
This new perspective of approaching people development aims to create a culture in which everyone - not just the “high potentials”- overcome challenges, their own internal barriers and vulnerabilities.
 read more»
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