deAlina Isac October 9, 2008

Contribution rates to social security and unemployment insurance fund will decrease from the 1st of December 2008

According to the state social insurance law for the year 2008, no. 387/2007, contribution rates will change from the months of December this year. The new rates of contribution are as follows:

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Parafiscal taxes were reduced

October 8, 2008Adela Cristea

Parafiscal taxes in Romania were finally reduced. The last “census”, prepared by the World Bank regarding parafiscalty, put Romania on first place in Europe, with a total of 385 parafiscal laws and 278 parafiscal taxes. The number has reduced to 115 at present, after the exclusion from this segment of charges related to both the public domain, as well as the private. The charges that were reduces include incomes from rents, specifications for tenders, but also charges for PhD’s within public and private universities.

Nevertheless, Romania is still among the countries with an excessive parafiscality, the government announcing other measures for the reduction of these fees.


Jordan Sheppard is looking for talents all over the world

October 8, 2008Rainfall

Jordan Sheppard has recently taken part in the renowned International Language Recruitment Fair, in London. The event is known as the biggest and also the most exciting event of its kind and brought together numerous top companies and over 10 000 multilingual professionals. Jordan Sheppard was present at this event trying to identify talented headhunters for its growing international team. Jordan Sheppard is an elite company in the field of human resources services, mainly executive search, who also operates in Romania, through the office opened in Bucharest in November 2007.


News of the autumn…

October 2, 2008Adela Cristea

The summer just passed by, and we all prepare to enter in the autumn.

Autumn always inspires me a few words: plenty, wisdom, fulfillment… Still autumn means the beginning of the school, electoral campaigns, but also the main trends in the economy, those who we will give guidance for the upcoming year.

Therefore, let’s go to review what happened in the end of this summer, but also the main trends revealed by the beginning of the autumn.

Good news comes from the Ministry of Economy, who announce a record of the transitional period, namely: “Romania’s economy grew by 8.6% in the first half of 2008, while the advance of the gross domestic product in the second quarter of the year was almost 9%”.


“Bermuda Triangle” in recruitment

October 2, 2008Rainfall

Why “Bermuda Triangle”? Due to the fact the entire recruitment process is based mainly on working with people. And knowing that we, as human nature, are so unpredictable, here is how a sinuous relation has been created among: candidate – recruiter – client. Since I have been working in this area have heard, seen and lived all kind of both pleasant and less pleasant experiences.

Unfortunately, at the present time many of us realize in a small percentage or at all what our roles in this equation are. From my own experience I can tell you that the recruiter has the toughest role. This one is the “lever” between candidate and employer. Depending on its successes or failures this one could be either congratulated or insulted. This one is responsible for everything that is going on during the entire recruitment process as well as afterwards, during follow-up phase. This one is responsible when a client or candidate is unsatisfied by the choice they made.


Reliana Groza is the new coordinator of the legal department within Ascent Group Arad

September 30, 2008Adela Cristea

Starting with September 2008 Reliana Groza became the coordinator of the legal department of Ascent Group in Arad.

Reliana graduated the Law Faculty within the Western University of Timisoara and a Maser program in Civil Law and Civil Procedure within the Law Faculty of “Vasile Goldiş” University from Arad.

Reliana’s professional experience includes 5 years in legal advising, mainly as legal consultant and arbitral assistant, respectively as coordinator of the legal department of the Commerce Chamber form Arad. Reliana’s experience mainly includes information and documentary activities for legal entities, legal consulting for business start-up’s, respectively commercial arbitration for companies having commercial litigations.


The minimum guaranteed wage could be increased from the 1st of October

September 25, 2008Adela Cristea

In August the Ministry of Labour has launched for public debate the draft of the Government decision which provides the increase of the minimum guaranteed gross wage to 8% from the 1st of October 2008 and 11% from the 1st of January 2009. According to the draft of the resolution, the minimum gross wage guaranteed will be 540 lei per month, between the 1st of October – 31st of December 2008, for a full time working schedule of 170 hours per month, in average, representing a value of 3.176 lei/hour.


Inflation in Romania has reached a maximum of the last 3 years: 9.04%

September 2, 2008Rainfall

The annual inflation rate, targeted by the National Bank increased in July this year to a peak of the last three years, 9.04%, compared with 8.61% in June and 8.46% in May. At the beginning of August the National Bank of Romania also increased the inflation forecast for the end of 2008, from 6% to 6.6%. Initially the proposed target of the National Bank for the inflation in 2008 was 3.8% plus or minus one percentage.


The tax for the re-codification of company’s activities will be eliminated

March 27, 2008Mirela Rosu

Accordingly to a Government decision project, that was deposited for public debate and also published on the website of the Ministry for SME’s, Commerce and Tourism, the tax for updating the activities of the companies (the re-codification) will be abolished.

The Minister Ovidiu Silaghi also declared that the companies who already paid the taxes will not get the money back since the law is not applicable retroactively.


Direct foreign investments in Romania increased in January 2008 with 76%

March 27, 2008Adela Cristea

Direct foreign investments in Romania increased in the first month of 2008 with 76.4% in comparison to January 2007, totalizing 695 million euros, according to the information published by the Central Bank.

The participations at the capital and the reinvested profit represented 45.2% from the direct foreign investments, while the intra-group loans represented 54.8%.

Direct foreign investments in Romania diminished in 2007 with 22.3%, comprising a total of 7069 thousand million euros, respectively these ones covered the deficit of the balance of payment in proportion of 41.9%.


The average hourly cost of the labor increased in Romania with 8.18% in the last semester

March 27, 2008Rainfall

The hourly cost of the labor increased during the last semester of 2007 with 8,18% in comparison to the previous semester, the most significant increases in price being registered in the health area and social assistance, with over 24,5%, as well as in civil engineering, with 12,5%, as announced by the National Institute of Statistics. A slight reduction of 1.13% was registered only in the extractive industry area.

In comparison to the same period of the year 2006, the most important annual increases of the semestrial index of the hourly labor cost are observed in civil engineering (27,59%), in the extractive industry (27,09%) and in transport, depositing and communication departments (24,01%). The most insignificant increase was recorded in Public administration (7.86%), followed by Education (11.15%).


Romania’s Economy might increase with 6% in 2008

March 27, 2008Rainfall

In accordance with the estimations of the members of the Financial Banking Analysts Association from Romania (AAFBR), the country’s economy will raise with almost 6,53% in 2008. They also estimate an appreciation of the national currency at 3.51 lei/euro at the end of 2008.

In keeping with the data furnished by the National Institute of Statistics, Romania’s internal gross product (PIB) increased with 6% in 2007, reaching to 121.3 thousand million euros. Regarding the current banking account deficit, the analysts anticipate a deepening of 14.73% from the internal gross product and that of the budgetary deficit at 2.83% from the PIB.


Reverse taxation simplification

March 27, 2008Alina Isac

Beginning with 2008, and according to the article 160, 2nd paragraph from the Fiscal Code, with the further modifications and addings, the goods and the services for the delivery of which the simplification procedures regarding reverse taxation are applied include:

  1. the offal’s and the secondary raw material, resulted from their capitalization, such as they are defined by the Government’s Urgent Disposition no 16/2001 regarding the administration of the recycling industrial offal’s, republished, with the further modifications.
  2. the goods and/or the performed services by or for the persons for whom the insolvency procedure was started, excepting the goods furnished within the retail trade;
  3. the wooden material, in agreement to the norm stipulations.

In accordance with the point 82 from the Methodological Stipulations: