deAdela Cristea March 11, 2022

Ascent Group joins EPSN Workforce in a strategic partnership

The beginning of the year marks for Ascent Group the conclusion of a strategic partnership with a leading global organisation in the field of international recruitment: EPSN Workforce.

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The extension of the state of emergency. What should companies know?

April 15, 2020Adela Cristea

Expected by an entire country, the extension of the emergency situation was published on 14 April 2020 in the Official Gazette of Romania n. 311, by decree of the President of Romania n. 240.

As of 15 April 2020, the state of emergency will be extended by 30 days throughout Romania. It had been established previously, even for a period of 30 days, from 16 March 2020.

The new decree supplements the first emergency measures directly applicable in a number of sectors. In this article we will focus only on those that have an impact on the business environment. We will report them below, structured on areas, as they were also included in the regulatory document.

In the economic field

  • the validity of documents issued by public authorities which expire during the state of emergency is maintained;


How do we apply support measures in the covid-19 crisis? Quick guide to Q&A

March 27, 2020Adela Cristea

In the recent days we have received many questions from customers, partners, collaborators, but also from people outside our contacts, on how anti-crisis measures are applied within companies.

In order to cope with the large number of requests, but also because most of the questions are repeated, we are drawing here a list of quick questions and answers, grouped by category, a mini-guide to help companies and employees navigate more easily through this difficult period. Consider it a crisis survival kit.


The procedure for issuing Emergency Certificates has been published!

March 26, 2020Adela Cristea

This evening (25th of March 2020) the order for issuing the Emergency Certificates for the companies whose activity has been affected by the SAR-cov-2 pandemic was published in the Official Gazette.

Which are the rules?

  • the Emergency Certificates (EC) will be issued by the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment;

  • the Certificates are released, on the basis of the applicants’ request, which are the business entities affected by the SAR-cov-2 pandemic;

  • The applicants are the legally authorised persons of the business entities under the provisions of OUG 30/2020 and OUG 29/2020, respectively:


We stay on duty, to offer you support!

March 17, 2020Adela Cristea

We are living these days an exceptional period, in which all things happen differently than we were used to. But on how we will all mobilize to overcome this moment will also depend on the future evolution of things. And at such times, we believe that we must prove solidarity and contribute with everything we can to provide support to those around us.

At Ascent Group, our main resource is know-how. And these days we receive an avalanche of questions related to the latest legislative measures, the declaration of the state of emergency, the alternatives that employers have to make work more flexible during this period, medical leave, quarantine, fiscal measures to mitigate the impact of the crisis, etc.


New solutions for employee’s protection – making work relationships more flexible

March 16, 2020Adela Cristea

In the context created by the coronavirus (COVID19) pandemia, employers play a major role in reducing the risk of employee contamination with the new virus.

Apart of the implementation of additional hygiene measures and the correct information of employees on how to protect themselves, companies can adopt, in the framework of labour relations, solutions that make work schedule and the way of work more flexible.

One of the measures may be the decaling of the work programme, as state Secretary Raed Arafat recommends in the middle of last week.


New legal measures – free days for parents

March 16, 2020Adela Cristea

 As a result of the courses suspension in pre-university education in Romania, between March 11 and March 22, 2020, the public authorities have decided to take measures to help parents who cannot leave their children unattended.

Therefore, the Chamber of Deputies adopted on 12.03.2020, by unanimous vote, the legislative initiative that obliges all employers, both public and private, to grant paid days off to one of the parents in the situation of temporary closure of the schools due to adverse weather conditions or other extreme situations decreed by the competent authorities with responsibilities in the field.

The law also applies to single persons from the single-parent family, to the legal representative of the child and to the person designated to exercise the rights and fulfill the parental obligations towards the child.

Therefore, free days are granted for as long as the authorities decree the closure of schools.


Florina Băbău is the new human resources manager of Ascent Group

August 9, 2019Adela Cristea

The summer brouth a new Human Resources Manager in Ascent Group’s team. Starting in mid-June, Florina Băbău joined the Ascent Group team to coordinate the human resources activity of the group.

Florina is a graduate of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the Western University of Timisoara and holds numerous certifications in the field of management and human resources. Being very passionate about learning and discovering new ways of developing people, Florina is currently continuing her education at the School of Psychology and Psychodrama.

Professionally, Florina has over 15 years of experience in human resources, both in multinational and local companies, in various roles such as: Improvement Coordinator, and subsequently Training & Development Coordinator for Leoni Wiring Systems Arad, HR Manager within ARED group, or HR Recruitment & People Development at Coficab Eastern Europe.


Ascent Group opens a new office in the North-Est of Romania

June 28, 2019Adela Cristea

Ascent Group continues it’s expansion plans, and July 2019 marks the opening of a new office, in  Piatra Neamț.

The expansion decision is based both on Ascent Group’s strategic plan to be present in all Romanian’s regions and the business potential of Romania’s North-Eastern region, which is growing mainly on the IT&C serivces and shared services centers. An important role in the office opening decision played also identifiction of the right local partner.