Meal vouchers and holiday vouchers will be surcharged from 1 January 2024

Employees with these benefits will receive 10% less, starting with January 2024 earnings.

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Microcompanies. What’s new in 2013?

February 1, 2013Adela Cristea

The beginning of the year brought some changes related to the legal and fiscal status of the microcompanies in Romania. Specifically, based on the Government Ordinance no. 8/2013, published in the Official Gazette no. 54 from 23 January 2013, the article 1121, c) of the Fiscal Code was modified, it’s new content being: „obtained revenues that do not overcome the amount of 65.000 euro”.

In other words, the 100.000 eur limit for revenues that allowed a company to qualify as microcompany, valid until last year, was reduced to 65.000 euro.