Conflict Management

The road from divergence to convergence

Conflicts being mistreated or neglected can lead to enormous damage to organisations. Unfortunately, conflicts can potentially arise with every step. Every minute of our existence – be it at the office, in client meetings, at home or with our friends – we must deal with opinions that differ from ours.

How to manage conflictual situations? How to avoid conflicts without giving up our interests? How to find more effective communication channels?

You will find answers to these and other questions during this program.

Who is it for?

The program is designed for organisations and all those wishing to improve their abilities in dealing with conflicts.

Course objectives

  • Understanding conflict generating mechanisms
  • Distinguishing between types of conflict
  • Identifying and resolving incipient conflicts
  • Evaluating personal conflict style
  • Learning conflict management techniques and methods

Main topics

  • What conflict means
  • Types of conflict
  • Conflict stages
  • Individual conflict solving styles
  • Ways of dealing with conflicts
  • Conflict solving stages

Cristina Balaciu (Fășie)

Training Manager

Cristina has joined Ascent Group in 2022, thanks to cumulated expertise in the non-profit and business sectors. As a graduate of Communication Science programs at the “University of the West” in Timișoara, Cristina has gained professional ground first in the private sector, working as a project manager (and beyond) within “Youth in Action” and “Erasmus+” (European Commission-funded) projects. She has coordinated international teams and collaborated with both local and cross-continental stakeholders.

5 years into her NGO activity, Cristina expanded her management skills by transitioning to the corporate area. To her previous roles as manager she added People Development Coordinator for a multinational company in the automotive industry.

In her work, she’s become trained/certified on a multitude of topics from the soft skills complex, ranging from communication and conflict management to emotional intelligence and personal development.

Adina Almăjanu

Office Manager - Bucharest

Professionally, Adina's experience comes mainly from the human resources and training field, being for many years a trainer and project coordinator in international youth programs (e.g.: Erasmus), or trainer and human resources consultant in national and international projects, for private companies and NGOs.

Adina is currently Ascent Group's Office Manager. in Bucharest, but also an HR specialist & trainer of the Ascent Group, with experience both as a trainer in programs to develop presentation and communication skills, develop leadership skills, build and develop the team, team building, or design thinking capabilities, for local and multinational companies. Not last she was the coordinator of numerous personnel development programs and assessment centers for prestigious companies.