Negotiation techniques

How to convince instead of being convinced

In any given moment of our lives, we each have wishes, interests or perspectives that are potentially divergent to those of the others. Each of us can convince or can be persuaded.

Managing the negotiation process is essential for making profit. There are many negotiation techniques we can learn. However, learning is one thing, applying that theory with compelling results is another, and the journey between them demands experience, as well as specific techniques, suited to each communication style.

What is the best attitude in a successful negotiation, creating the premises for a rewarding collaboration? This is the key of negotiation our course will explore.


This program is designed for managers involved in negotiation processes and for all those wishing to improve their negotiation abilities.


  • Learn main aspects regarding negotiation
  • Establish negotiation power
  • Assimilate techniques and strategies for negotiation
  • Evaluate own negotiation style
  • Understand cultural differences affecting negotiation

Main topics

  • Negotiation elements
  • Negotiation styles
  • Negotiation types
  • Avoiding traps when negotiating
  • Steps in negotiation
  • Negotiation strategies
  • Positions in negotiation
  • Influence principles
  • What being a good negotiator means
  • Cultural differences in negotiation

Marcel Chișcan

Managing Partner Ascent Group

His 30-year professional experience combines a wide range of fields of activity, from local public administration to sales and advertising, manufacturing or logistics and transport. Over the years Marcel has been in management positions for both SME's and local public administration, industrial projects or in the management of logistics and transport companies, as well as in the board of public or private companies.

Over the last 15 years its managerial and entrepreneurial experience has been enriched by numerous consultancy projects for start-ups and for business development/restructuring, combining the assistance with training activities, in particular on the topics such as Leadership and management, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Strategic planning and strategic thinking, Negotiation skills, Sales techniques and Customer care, Communication skills or Time Management.

Liliana Savin

Managing Partner - North-East Region

Liliana's professional experience includes over 18 years of experience in human resources, training & management in companies with up to 1500 employees, such as: FiberxNylon, Yarcea – Radici Group, Rompetrol Petromidia, Pamac, Penny Market - Rewe Group, Vard Tulcea, Vard Braila – Fincancieri. Throughout her career, in addition to the years of experience as a Human Resources Manager, Liliana was also a legal Advisor in Trade and Labor Law, Commercial Manager and Deputy Director General.

Liliana has combined management experience in large companies with consultancy and trainer experience in projects of human resources and management, people development, soft & technical skills, communication & project management. Since 2019 Liliana has joined the Ascent Group team as managing partner for the North-East of Romania, contributing to the development of the group of companies at national level.