Public Relations

Let the world know of your achievements

Nowadays, being referentially “good” entails a high degree of recognisability by others. It’s not enough to do what we do well. What more is needed is to create and preserve the positive feelings around us, from the society’s behalf, for our organisation and projects. Organisational communication and public relations are all important activities in any organisation, no matter its nature: a plant, public institution, NGO. They all exist to the extent that they are known.

This training course will show and familiarise you with the main communication channels in public relations. You will learn when and how to use different techniques of organisational communication so that your organisation will have an increased visibility.


This training course is addressed to those organisations that wish to enrich their public relations activity and to people who interact with the exterior as bearers of organisational messages.


  • To understand the notions and activities of public relations activities
  • To become accustomed to elaborating messages. Building up a message
  • The ability to sketch and present posters, folders, newsletters
  • To learn the modality of organising and rolling out a press conference
  • The ability to speak in public: interview, speech, talk show
  • The ability to deal with crisis situations
  • Organising the PR department

Main topics

  • Introduction. What are public relations?
  • PR activities
  • Tools and communication channels in PR
  • The importance of a message. How to build up a message
  • News, statement, press release. How are they edited?
  • Creating the posters, folders and newsletters
  • Organising and rolling out a press conference. Simulation
  • Interview, speech, talkshow. How do we speak in public?
  • Dealing with crisis situations
  • PR department. The duties of a PR specialist

Lia Bejenaru

Senior Partner Ascent Group

From a professional point of view, Lia's experience is a multidisciplinary one, both in public administration, in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, and in project management within the European Center for Bessarabia, of SME's Union - Brussels, respectively in collaboration with the foundations of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD), Robert Schuman Foundation, Eduardo-Feri Foundation and USAID.

In the private sector, Lia has been active for several years as financial manager of the NRG Interactive Group followed by a career in the field of public communication and media as prime-time news presenter at Publika TV, news editor, reporter and special correspondent at international events. The journalistic activity has been intertwined with the one as consultant, trainer and manager within the Ascent Group, in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, with Lia coordinating the Ascent Group's office in Chisinau for over 15 years.

Cristina Balaciu (Fășie)

Training Manager

Cristina has joined Ascent Group in 2022, thanks to cumulated expertise in the non-profit and business sectors. As a graduate of Communication Science programs at the “University of the West” in Timișoara, Cristina has gained professional ground first in the private sector, working as a project manager (and beyond) within “Youth in Action” and “Erasmus+” (European Commission-funded) projects. She has coordinated international teams and collaborated with both local and cross-continental stakeholders.

5 years into her NGO activity, Cristina expanded her management skills by transitioning to the corporate area. To her previous roles as manager she added People Development Coordinator for a multinational company in the automotive industry.

In her work, she’s become trained/certified on a multitude of topics from the soft skills complex, ranging from communication and conflict management to emotional intelligence and personal development.