deAlexandra Ristin March 23, 2020

Technical unemployment-breathing for companies affected by the pandemic crisis

Many companies are or will soon be severely affected by the spread of SAR-CoV-2 coronavirus. Some companies will probably be in a position to adopt the solution of technical unemployment, which involves temporary cessation of activity, i.e. temporary suspension of employment, but also payment of minimum 75% of the basic salary.

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Huge disinformation from the Minister of Finance and ANAF!

March 23, 2020Alexandra Ristin

Unfortunately, in these difficult days, we are the victims of a serious disinformation coming from the ANAF.

A few days ago the finance minister Florin Citu announced through a public announcement on his Facebook page several measures that will be taken in favor of the business environment to combat the effects of the current crisis. Shortly thereafter, ANAF published on its website an official statement containing the same measures. You can find it on the ANAF website, here, and also in the attached image. Details of these provisions are also available here.