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deAlexandra Craciunoiu April 27, 2022

Companies and PFAs may have to pay a new fee to the CCIR

All companies in Romania, including authorized individuals (PFA), could be required to pay a new fee to the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and industry (CCIR) to be registered in a companies Catalog.

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The company registration process was simplifies. The law 102/2020 finally enters into force!

July 9, 2020Alexandra Craciunoiu

6 months ago we announced the appearance of some positive amendments to the Company Law n. 31/1990, such as:

  • cancelation of the provisions whereby a natural or legal person may be a sole member of a single limited liability company

  • the abolition of the provisions providing that different companies may operate in the same establishment only if the building, through its structure and its useful surface, allows more companies to operate in different premises or in separate shared spaces

  • Abolishment of the obligation to obtain an aproval from the Owners’ Association of the building to change the destination of the real estate, in the case of companies whose registered office is to be registered in an apartment building, for companies with registered office of which no activity is exercised.