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We stay on duty, to offer you support!

We are living these days an exceptional period, in which all things happen differently than we were used to. But on how we will all mobilize to overcome this moment will also depend on the future evolution of things. And at such times, we believe that we must prove solidarity and contribute with everything we can to provide support to those around us.

At Ascent Group, our main resource is know-how. And these days we receive an avalanche of questions related to the latest legislative measures, the declaration of the state of emergency, the alternatives that employers have to make work more flexible during this period, medical leave, quarantine, fiscal measures to mitigate the impact of the crisis, etc.

We feel the fear, the uncertainty, the need for simple and accessible information around us. So we understood how we could best help in such a moment and we decided to contribute with what we know best: to provide quality information, in the fastest possible time, and in a clear and simple way, respectively to support the companies, but also their employees who are currently experiencing uncertain times.

And because the changes are very fast these days and every time new regulations appear, issued by different institutions, we will be on duty and we will shift the focus of everything we do to providing fast information and we will try, in the coming days, to brief you with everything that we consider important and relevant for employers and employees during this period:

  • we will publish daily on our site (respectively on our social media pages) articles with the latest news, including our interpretations, explanations and recommendations.
  • every 3 days we will compile a summary material, with the most important changes, so that it is easy for you to follow.
  • we will try to offer all this information in the multilingual version (Romanian, English and Italian), in order to provide support to both Romanian entrepreneurs and foreign investors in Romania.

For any additional information or support needs, you can contact us anytime, either through the contact form on our website, or through our Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and we will try to respond as quickly as possible to all of these clarification needs. 

We consulted with all our colleagues, we will take all precautionary measures, but regardless of whether we work from home or office, we will not stop our activity for a moment, but we will be here, day by day, for you.



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