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Nicolae Enache is the new Client Relationship Manager of OCRA Romania

Nicolae Enache is the new Client Relationship Manager of OCRA Romania. Nicolae graduated the Faculty of Marketing within the Artifex University Bucharest, respectively a Master program in Communication and Public Relationship within the National School for Political and Administrative Sciences “David Ogilvy” Bucureşti, Faculty of Communication and Public Relationship. Over the last years, Nicolae also graduated various courses on management and quality assurance, both in Romania and abroad.

His professional experience includes 7 years of activity in various fields of activity such as financial, consulting and project management, in a National Health Insurance Company and in prestigious companies such Louis Berger, Unicredit şi Banc Post. Nicolae has a wide experience in organizing and implementing projects and programs, locally and internationally.

In September 2008 Nicolae Enache became Client Relationship Manager of OCRA Romania.

OCRA is one of the most prestigious international companies in consultancy and management worldwide. In 2007 Ascent Group signed a license agreement with OCRA for the representation of OCRA in Romania, respectively, based on this agreement, OCRA Romania became a licensed trading name of Ascent Group.

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