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Elena Ionescu is the manager of Jordan Sheppard Romania

Elena Ionescu was recently appointed as manager of Jordan Sheppard Romania. Jordan Sheppard Romania was established in November 2007 as a result of an association between the prestigious multinational company Jordan Sheppard Executive Search and the consulting group Ascent. The company offers high quality services in executive search and head-hunting to the companies interested in the improvement of the recruitment process for top and middle management positions. read more»

How much will cost us the salary in 2008?

2008 brought us many changes regarding both the level of some taxes and social contributions, and also the level of the minimum salary, on national economy level and also relate to some professional categories...

Considering these changes, the minimum salary on economy level in Romania has increased starting with January 2008 to 500 Lei, compared with 390 Lei in 2007. Based on the legislation changes brought by the Government Decision no. 1,507 issued on 12th of December 2007, the minimum gross salary on economy level will also increase again with July 1st 2008 to 540 Lei, in case that the main indicators on macroeconomic level, based on whom the budget is built, will be maintained (increase of the GDP, maintaining of the inflations within the estimated values, maintenance of the economic grow and work productivity). read more»

Bulgaria introduced the 10% flat tax rate for individuals starting with January 2008

Starting with January 2008 Bulgaria has a new 10% flat tax rate for individuals, replacing the 10%-24% tax rates in 2007.

The Bulgarian 10% corporate tax rate for 2008 remains the same as in 2007 and is positioning Bulgaria together with Cyprus among the lowest taxations within the European Union.

The VAT rate in Bulgaria for 2008 will remain 20%, the same as in 2007.

Ascent Group cooperates with Tonica Magazine

Ascent Group started recently a cooperation with the prestigious magazine Tonica ( Starting with the next editions of the magazine the HR department consultants of Ascent Group will publish opinions on topics related to career, presentation and communication skills, time management, work relationship management, employee motivation and many others.

The cooperation with Tonica magazine is a confirmation of the quality of Ascent Group consultant’s opinions and we hope that our articles will be appreciated by the magazine’s readers.

What do we expect from 2008?

One more year just passed by, our first year as citizens of the European Union, and as in any moment of evaluation we look back and try to understand what brought us the year that just passed, but specially we look into the future and try to understand what changes the next year will bring us.

2007 was our first European year, a year with many changes but also with many confusions. Many reforms were started, but unfortunately many others were slowed down. read more»

Ascent Group became partner of Consulting Review Magazine

Ascent Group became partner of Consulting Review magazine, publication dedicated to answer the needs of information, documentation and professional improvement in business felt by all the investors and managers in Romanian.

Starting with December, Ascent Group consultants will answer to the questions addressed by the readers of the magazine; respectively they will offer solutions on accounting, tax, legal and labor issues.

The selection of Ascent Group as partner of the Consulting Review magazine is an additional proves for the quality of the service our group tries to provide for its clients.

Ascent Group Launches the Training Programs for 2008

Continuous personnel formation is a deeper and deeper need felt by any company our days. It represents not only an investment in people, but also a very useful tool to become more efficient, to solve easier the multitude of tasks we have to face every day, and not last, an important motivation factor for our employees.

Ascent Group is your partner in the process of personal and professional development of your employees, because, first of all, the value of a company is given by the value of its people.

Ascent Group brings a modern vision to the learning process, by emphasizing the benefits of "learning by doing" through exercises, role-plays and behavioral modeling. Our training programs have an interactive approach, are personalized and addressed to each client’s unique demands, to their visions and organizational objectives. read more»

Lesson from Chisinau

Last week, the 2nd edition of Ascent Group Business Forum took place in Chisinau. Important moment for us. Important moment for many of the companies who attended trying to identify business partners.

I was pleasantly surprised to realize that the event was also treated very seriously by the officials of the Republic of Moldova.

I saw a very professional Minister of Economy and Commerce, Igor Dodon, who had the patience to explain to investors what are the changes in the legislation and how those will influence the economic environment of the Republic of Moldova starting next year, I saw a Vice-President of the Parliament, Iurie Rosca, who is struggling for many years to attract foreign investors into the country and a very young Mayor of Chisinau, Dorin Chirtoaca, trying to offer guaranties to the foreign investors. read more»

Ascent Business Forum, Second Edition

The success of the first Ascent Business Forum edition from last year, in Chisinau, determined us to continue this project that we wish to transform into a tradition. Last year, over 25 companies from Romania, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Germany, and the USA joined an idea of which we, Ascent Group, are very fond of: developing the foreign investments and intensifying the business relations in the Republic of Molova.

This year’s edition of the Ascent Business Forum will take place in the Republic of Moldova, in Chisinau, during 8th–9th of November, at the Jolly Alon Hotel. Ascent Group invites all the companies interested in the business opportunities offered by the Republic of Moldova, to take part in this forum.

 read more»

Ascent Group Annual Meeting

Ascent Group consultants have joint together last week (08/30–09/01) in Sibiu for the 3rd "Annual meeting" of the company. The meeting was attended by all the consultants of the company from the Bucharest, Arad and Chisinau offices.

The addressed topics were the strategy of the company for the next years, regional expansion and strategic partnerships.

During the meeting training modules were held, such as: "Communication skills", "Clients relationship management" and "Team-building". Not last, during the meeting, working groups on consulting departments were organized. read more»

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