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Intercollege launches its programs in Romania

Dacă sunteţi preocupaţi serios de cariera dumneavoastră atunci este momentul să faceţi cunoştinţă cu IntercollegIBS. Acum şi în România!

IntercollegeIBS oferă programe academice şi de pregătire profesională, pentru sectorul financiar - bancar şi cel al afacerilor. Absolvirea acestor programe certificate conferă posibilitatea îmbunătăţirii cunoştinţelor, cu strictă aplicabilitate practică. Certificările internaţionale obţinute în urma absolvirii programelor oferite de IntercollegeIBS sunt de cel mai înalt nivel şi se adresează celor care doresc să devină profesionişti de succes.

If you are serious about your career it’s time to meet IntercollegeIBS! Now also in Romania!

IntercollegeIBS offers both academic programs and professional training for the business and financial services sectors. The graduation of these programs provides the opportunity to enhance knowledge and expertise at the postgraduate level. There are first class qualifications for people intending to become successful professionals. read more»

What should we know about collective labour agreements?

Analysis published in Consulting Review magazine

The collective labour contract represents an agreement concluded in a written form on one hand between the employer and on the other by the employees, through their assigned representatives or where there is the case, by unions. In this agreement there are established clauses concerning working conditions, remuneration, as well as other rights and obligations resulted from labour relations. All companies that have at least 21 employees are obliged by Labour Code (Law 53/2003, republished) to conclude collective labour agreements. read more»

Lia Bejenaru became partner of Ascent Business Consulting

Lia Bejenaru, became partner of Ascent Business Consulting, the company held by Ascent Group in the Republic of Moldova.

Lia is currently the manager of Ascent Group's office in Chisinau, and her addition into the ownership structure of the group represents the recognition of the activity she had from the launching of the group operations in the Republic of Moldova.

Lia's education includes the Faculty of Finances, Money and Banking within the Academy of Economic Studies in Moldova, the European Institute of Political Studies within the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France and the School for Political Leaders within the Association for Participative Democracy. read more»

In Bulgaria, the average Household Income totals 431 Euro and the average individual income totals 173 Euro

Bulgarian average household income rose by a nominal 23.9% in December year-upon-year, as by the information published by the country's National Statistics Institute (NSI).

The average household income stood at BGN 844.75 (431.78 Euro) in December, At the same time, expenditures sped up to an average BGN 769.26 (393.19 Euro).

Foodstuffs remain the highest expenditure of Bulgarian households, accounting for 39.1% of all spending. The second-largest expenditure are utility fees, which amount to 11.8% of all spending.

Individual income in Bulgaria stood at BGN 338.53 (173.03 Euro) in December 2007.

Ascent Group reports very good results for 2007

2007 represented a fast grow year for Ascent Group, fact that is also confirmed by the financial results. At the end of the year, Ascent Group reports a 108% grow of the turnover compared to 2006, overcoming the initial forecast of the management of the group. At the beginning of the year, the management of Ascent Group estimated a turnover grow by 45% for 2007.

Another important grow was registered in 2007 in terms of number of clients. The portfolio grew by 34% compared to 2006.

2007 has also marked the conclusion by Ascent Group of some strategic partnership. Based on these partnerships the consulting group will represent in Romania the companies OCRA, Jordan Sheppard and Identity Compass. read more»

The representatives of Ascent Group presented Romania and the Republic of Moldova at a business conference in Sicily

Adela Cristea, managing partner of Ascent Group and Lia Bejenaru, manager of Ascent Group's office in Chisinau participated a few days ago to a conference organized by Confindustria Catania.

The topic of the conference was: "Business Opportunities: Romania and the Republic of Moldova" being organized by Confidustria Catania in cooperation with Assoconsult Sicilia, Gruppo Strazzeri, Casa Italia Consulenza and Ascent Group.

The conference was attended by Sicilian business people interested by business opportunities in the 2 countries. Adela Cristea and Lia Bejenaru presented the legal and fiscal frame of Romania and Moldova as well as concrete business opportunities from different fields of activity. read more»

Elena Ionescu is the manager of Jordan Sheppard Romania

Elena Ionescu was recently appointed as manager of Jordan Sheppard Romania. Jordan Sheppard Romania was established in November 2007 as a result of an association between the prestigious multinational company Jordan Sheppard Executive Search and the consulting group Ascent. The company offers high quality services in executive search and head-hunting to the companies interested in the improvement of the recruitment process for top and middle management positions. read more»

How much will cost us the salary in 2008?

2008 brought us many changes regarding both the level of some taxes and social contributions, and also the level of the minimum salary, on national economy level and also relate to some professional categories...

Considering these changes, the minimum salary on economy level in Romania has increased starting with January 2008 to 500 Lei, compared with 390 Lei in 2007. Based on the legislation changes brought by the Government Decision no. 1,507 issued on 12th of December 2007, the minimum gross salary on economy level will also increase again with July 1st 2008 to 540 Lei, in case that the main indicators on macroeconomic level, based on whom the budget is built, will be maintained (increase of the GDP, maintaining of the inflations within the estimated values, maintenance of the economic grow and work productivity). read more»

Bulgaria introduced the 10% flat tax rate for individuals starting with January 2008

Starting with January 2008 Bulgaria has a new 10% flat tax rate for individuals, replacing the 10%-24% tax rates in 2007.

The Bulgarian 10% corporate tax rate for 2008 remains the same as in 2007 and is positioning Bulgaria together with Cyprus among the lowest taxations within the European Union.

The VAT rate in Bulgaria for 2008 will remain 20%, the same as in 2007.

Ascent Group cooperates with Tonica Magazine

Ascent Group started recently a cooperation with the prestigious magazine Tonica ( Starting with the next editions of the magazine the HR department consultants of Ascent Group will publish opinions on topics related to career, presentation and communication skills, time management, work relationship management, employee motivation and many others.

The cooperation with Tonica magazine is a confirmation of the quality of Ascent Group consultant’s opinions and we hope that our articles will be appreciated by the magazine’s readers.

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