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Trade Register - registrations only online for 30 days

On the 16 March 2020, the President of Romania signed the decree to establish the State of Emergency in Romanian for a period of 30 days.

Among the measures introduces by the new regulations, the Article 45 is stating the following:

Al.1. During the state of emergency, the work of the National Office of the Trade Register and of the regional offices of the Trade Regiater continues with regard to the registration of changes related to the legal entities and rnatural persons registered in the Trade Register. These registrations will be carried out by electronic means, based on the changes requests and additional documents deposited in electronic form, with the electronic signature incorporated.

Al.2. Copies of the records and of the documents submitted by applicants, information on the registered data and the certificates of incorporations shall be issued by electronic means.’;

Therefore, for 30 days, the submission of the files of entries to the Trade Registry will be possible only in electronic format.

How will this work in practice?

  • the procedure for submitting the electronic files requires the use of a digital certificate

  • by means of the digital certificate the person holding the file or the person empowered by the delegation, will print on each document submitted online to the Trade Registry its electronic signature.

  • After the file has been loaded, certified with the electronic signature, the Trade Register shall issue an invoice.

  • The person empowered by the company will pay the fee with his card or directly into the bank account

  • Once the payment to the Trade Registry has been made, the file resolution will continue

  • The Trade Registry's resolution of file approval and the certificate with the new entries, as well as the established certificates issued, shall be communicated on the e-mail indicated when the file was loaded online.

So, things do not stop here, but they will continue in an electronic system, which relieves us of this kind of travel to the desks of the institutions and the corresponding waiting time.

Last but not least, if the system proves to be operational, in our view, the option of submitting online should be maintained after the expiry of the 30 days.

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