Meet our team: Dorina Damean, Financial Consultant

Dorina is part of the team of financial consultants of Ascent Group and joined us 7 and a half years ago.

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How did your collaboration with the Ascent Group start?

I have been working in the Ascent Group for 7 and a half years. I remember being called by my colleague in charge of recruiting who asked me if I want to join the team. She knew me beforehand, she knew I was mastering the accounting programs that are used here and I think that was an advantage. I remember that I did not necessarily want to change my job. Before Ascent I had a 5-year contract, and generally I can say that everywhere I worked it’s been for years, I haven’t made changes too often. But I was already specialized in what was needed here and I felt I would be appreciated for it and … I came!

What is your activity within the company?

I have a portfolio of 30 companies and I am dealing with everything related to accounting, consultancy in the accounting field, practically everything the client needs in this field. I’ve always been opened and managed to link a relationship with our customers so they know they can rely on me if they have a problem and that gives me great satisfaction! I talk to their representatives every day for various reasons!

What do you find motivating in your daily work?

I like what I do, that’s the most important thing I think, to like what you’re doing! I come to work gladly and because the group of colleagues here is very nice, I like to spend time with them and I think this is one of the reasons I would never leave! It’s a very floured atmosphere, just perfect for work!

What are your principles?

I believe in the power of the word! I am sincere, honest and expect the same from the people around me. If you said you were doing something, so be it! I don’t like to get on with things I can’t get through, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to learn new things. I think we are learning all our lives, and perhaps that’s why I am seeking to surround myself with people from whom I can learn to help me in my evolution as a human being.

How do you see the future of Ascent Group?

As long as we remain a united group with healthy principles, I think the future will be a prosperous one! Customers are of course very important. They are the ones who basically provide us with our jobs, and what I feel related to them now is a certain closeness. We have crossed that client – service provider or consultant boundary and today our relationship with them is more than that. I feel this safety on their part, that they can rely on us regardless of requirements, and I hope that we will move in this direction in the future too!