deCodre Dan February 1, 2022

Meet our team: Timea Fekete, Junior Recruiter

Timea is a student at the Faculty of European studies. Initially she had done her practice in Ascent in HR and because she enjoyed the domain, but also the team, wanted to stay in Ascent.

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How did you get to work for the Ascent Group?

In the first year of university we were asked to do hours of practice. I decided to do my practice at the Ascent Group on the Human Resources department. After the end of the practice, it was very difficult for me to separate from my friends I’ve met there. When I was asked to continue working with them, I did not think at all, I accepted with love.

What is your business in the company?

Now I am strictly in charge of recruiting staff. Together with my colleague, Florina Babau, we have different vacancies for Ascent clients, posts for which I make ads, post them, select candidates and even hold some interviews.

What do you find motivating in your daily work?

As Ascent clients are from different business areas, so are the posts for which we recruit. At every new job, I learn a lot of new things, and about the job itself, but also about people. Since I work in recruiting, I have learned how important the compatibility between the person and the job they apply to is. The soft skills you need to have for each post are very important, and if we don’t identify them very well at first, they become more and more noticeable with every man and CV I see. That motivates me the most, that I always learn something new.

What are the principles that guide you in life?

I consider myself a simple person, the most important thing for me is to always have something I can enjoy. I value experiences very much, I consider my life a collection of stories, which I want to make as interesting as possible. That is why I am trying to take part in as many international projects as possible, so that my stories also have the multicultural factor. The humor is still very important to me, and the people I have around me take care not to pass a day without laughing.
To parallel with one of my passions, in the improvisation theater there is the “just say yes” rule. Rule that assumes you cannot respond ‘no’ to an answer. I would like to see every good opportunity to apply this rule, not to miss a thing.