deCodre Dan May 18, 2021

Meet our team: Vicențiu Bogdan, HR Consultant

Vicentiu, our colleague from Sibiu, graduated from Lucian Blaga in Sibiu, specialized in Human Resources, and likes very much to travel, to walk in nature and to read.

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Vicentiu-Egon Bogdan graduated from Lucian Blaga in Sibiu, specialized in Human Resources. He likes to travel, to walk in nature and to read. It’s a driving sports enthusiast and is also passionate about everything technical and from the IT field. He says he is spontaneous, that he trusts that he can manage any situation and because of the skills and experience he has acquired so far, it is difficult enough to get into situations that can surprise him.

What are the principles that guide you in your life?

I think I could summarize them in a few phrases: “The sky is the limit!”
“Learn from your mistakes and don’t be down”, “There is no <I can’t>” and not least “The man who lives learns”.

Do you find in your daily work many things that seem motivating?

At job I am most motivated by the fact that there are not two days the same! I work in a very dynamic environment where you can’t get bored. Every day brings with it new challenges, which keeps me in focus. Also, through my work, I have the opportunity to meet all sorts of people, be they candidates or clients with whom we start successful collaborations. It is not rare when we get to link solid friends after first professional contact, if I can call it so strictly. A very important point to mention is the collective! The team I belong to is made up of very good people, whether they speak of colleagues in Sibiu or of colleagues in other counties. I get along very well with all of them and find all the support I need!

How did you end up working in the field of Human Resources?

First of all, it was the studies, of course. Then, I started working in this area almost 4 years ago. I then applied for an internship program at a multinational company in Sibiu and step by step I started to learn this field.

How did your collaboration with the Ascent Group start?

I have been joining the Ascent Group for 3 years. I can say that here I really learned what HR means and I liked it! I like the interaction with people most, the fact that the field is dynamic and that it is not a monotonous work. I like every day comes up with new challenges that “force” you to overcome yourself and constantly evolve.

How do you see the future of Ascent Group?

How do I see the Ascent in the future? I can say that in the midst of the upswing! In these 3 years since I was part of the Ascent Group team, I have noticed that we have never stopped improving and developing ourselves keeping pace with the new trends. Ascent is a company that invests a lot in people and technology, being a leading consultancy company. I believe that it will continue to be a successful company and that we will continue to be perceived as a reliable partner offering high quality services to its customers.