New daily transaction limits return

On Friday, 10 Nov 2023, the Government approved an EGO on cash receipts and payments, which changes the ceilings on the use of cash payments.

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Not even a week after the change in the ceilings, the situation returns to a situation where collections are limited to a daily ceiling of 5,000 lei between economic operators and 10,000 lei between economic operators and individuals.

Fragmented cash receipts/payments from payees/to suppliers for invoices exceeding RON 5,000 and RON 10,000 respectively in the case of cash and carry shops, as well as the fragmentation of invoices for a supply of goods or services exceeding RON 5,000 and RON 10,000 respectively will continue to be prohibited. Individuals may pay invoices for amounts exceeding the threshold of 5,000 lei to suppliers of goods and services and 10,000 lei to cash and carry shops as follows: 5,000 lei/10,000 lei in cash, the amount exceeding this threshold can only be paid by non-cash payment instruments.

Cash receipts and payments, representing the value of supplies or purchases of goods or provision of services, dividends, assignment of claims or other rights and receipt or repayment of loans or other financing, shall be made within the daily ceiling of 10,000 lei to/from an individual.

Cash collection and payment transactions between natural persons, other than collection and payment transactions carried out through institutions providing payment services authorised by the NBR or authorised in another Member State of the European Union and notified to the NBR, carried out as a result of the transfer of ownership of goods or rights, the provision of services, as well as those representing the granting/return of loans, may be carried out up to a daily ceiling of RON 50,000/transaction. Fragmented cash receipts and payments for transactions exceeding RON 50,000 and fragmentation of a transaction exceeding RON 50,000 are prohibited.