New deadlines for the removal of tax accessories, VAT refunds with subsequent control and the grace period for leasing

The Finance Ministry announced the extension of certain deadlines and facilities granted to companies in order to get through the difficult period caused by the Covid-19 crisis.

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The deadline for removing tax accessories was extended to 31 january 2022

 In order to benefit from this cancellation, all of the following conditions must be met:

  • all principal obligations outstanding on 31 march 2020 shall be extinguished by any method (payment, compensation, etc.), until the date of the application for cancellation of the fittings;
  • all principal obligations, together with the corresponding accessories, due between 1 april 2020 and the date of the request for cancellation shall be extinguished in any way;
  • the taxpayer has submitted all tax returns, as determined by the tax vector, by the date of the request for cancellation;
  • the request for cancellation of accessories shall be submitted after the above conditions have been fulfilled, but no later than 31 january 2022.

The VAT refund with subsequent control was extended until  31 january 2022

The provision is contained in the GEO 19/2021 on certain tax measures and for amending and supplementing certain tax legislation.

This was a measure required by the business environment.

“The aim of this term is to further support the business environment and private taxpayers in the current difficult health and economic environment.”, specified in the project statement.

The grace period is extended for the purchase of the leased goods.

The facility is found in Act 83/2021 amending the GEO 51/1997 on leasing and leasing companies.

More specifically, the new decree, which was published in M.O No. 401 dated April 16, 2021, extends the grace period by  another month, from two to three months.

The amendments to the normative document mainly concern Article 8 and Article 15, specifying the circumstances in which the lessee/user does not cover the leasing rate, the way of terminating the lease or paying the compensation.