deSorin Herman September 27, 2022

Recovery of medical leave. Good news for Bucharest only

Starting with October 1, 2022, in Bucharest, the recovery files for medical leave from the unique national Health Insurance Fund (FNUASS) are submitted online, on the dedicated platform.

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Starting with October 1st, 2022, the recovery files for medical holidays from the national Single Fund for Social Health Insurance (FNUASS) are submitted online, on the dedicated platform, according to an announcement made on Thursday by the Health Insurance House of Bucharest (CASMB). Since the alert state, CASMB had recommended employers to use the option of online filing of documents, while in the Medical leave Ordinance, the physical and electronic submission was provided alternately in 2020.

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Attention! The announcement made by CASMB is not valid at national level, those interested in submitting documents must check the conditions at the Health House where the documents must be submitted.

“The persons and institution referred to in paragraph 3 shall be obliged to submit to the health insurance houses in whose administrative-territorial area they have their registered office, respectively their domicile, on paper or by means of distance transmission, copy 2 of the sick leave certificates, in the conditions in which it is requested the refund of the amounts representing allowances paid to the insured, which are borne from the budget of the Single national Fund for Health Social Insurance”, provides OUG no. 158/2005.

At the end of 2020, in full pandemic and alert condition, CASMB insisted that, from 2021, employers use the electronic version of filing documents. Now, CASMB comes with the new conditions for online submission of documents.

Below is the press release published on Thursday by CASMB:

During the period 01.09.2022 – 30.09.2022, the transmission of the documents is made according to the Instructions for sending the recovery requests available here.”

Starting with 01.10.2022, in accordance with Art. 6 par. 3 ^ 1 of GEO 158/2005*, the medical leave recovery files from FNUASS are submitted online, through the online platform (available here), as a result of the process of digitizing and streamlining the process of settling the amounts related to medical leave.

Within the online platform, legal entities upload, according to the procedure of submitting the documentation, the following documents, in electronic format:

  • Recovery request – download template;

  • Medical leave centralizer – download template;
  • Copy 2 of sick leave (maximum permissible resolution is 150 dpi).

Documents uploaded by remote means via the online platform will not be transmitted in physical format. In case of discrepancies between the documents uploaded to the platform and those reported in Declaration 112, transmitted to ANAF by the company, CASMB may request the documentation in physical format, in accordance with Article 6 paragraph (4) of OUG 158/2005**.

So, the good news, and also long awaited by employers, is valid only for taxpayers in Bucharest. In the rest of the country, we still have to wait, and this obviously creates frustration for many companies, because it shows again the lack of vision and integration of services at the level of public institutions in Romania.