deVlad Icleanu September 6, 2023

Meet our team: Vlad-Mihai Icleanu

Vlad is our colleague in the training arm of the company, who in addition to the technical expertise and agility he brings to our processes, also makes delicious homemade bread (on the test).

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2018. What’s really changing in the people development market?

January 7, 2018Cosmin Galu

The classical two days training approach is less and less required by companies. The companies are looking for more customised people development programs that include a variation of approaches from hard skills, soft skills training to interactive workshops and coaching and mentoring one on one sessions to consolidate the discovery and the learning. 
This new perspective of approaching people development aims to create a culture in which everyone – not just the “high potentials”- overcome challenges, their own internal barriers and vulnerabilities.