deVlad Icleanu September 6, 2023

Meet our team: Vlad-Mihai Icleanu

Vlad is our colleague in the training arm of the company, who in addition to the technical expertise and agility he brings to our processes, also makes delicious homemade bread (on the test).

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What studies did you graduate from? What period was defining in your academic training?

I attended the courses of the Faculty of Automation and Computers within the Timișoara Polytechnic, as well as those of the Faculty of Political Sciences, Philosophy and Communication Sciences within the West University of Timișoara.

To be totally honest, I don’t think that the academic period made a defining contribution for me, but rather my activities from that period, but which were not related to college, they had a significant impact.

In the middle of the 1st year of my studies, I took over the leadership of ARDOR Banat, and the next 4 and a half years, which I spent as Executive President, they taught me a lot of things: how to write a project, how to attract funding, how to manage a team to implement programs and projects. Perhaps the most relevant thing was working with ARDOR. It helped me understand the educational process at all levels, because I had the opportunity to work, from the position of trainer, with all age groups, from high school students, to teachers ( who teach in high school or in univeristy).

But going back to school, they were necessary, but boring for me. I would have liked to take the courses of a prestigious university in the West, but at that point I did not have the financial resources to allow me to do so.

What are the activities you gravitate to in your free time?

Spending time in nature, socializing with loved ones, trying a new recipe, sports activities or learning a new thing are all great options for me.

I generally try to organize leisure activities in such a way that they are diverse and if they can bring novelty every time. I don’t think we have enough life to live all human experiences, but there’s nothing stopping us from trying.

How would you describe yourself personally?

I think I am a trustworthy person for those around me, both from the perspective of „ competente ” and from the perspective of „ loyal ”. Beyond that, I am very rational and ambitious, with a playful attitude and a well-developed sense of humor to compensate for the boring things mentioned above.

I think one of the greatest qualities I have is that I can distinguish between moments when life has to be taken seriously and those in which it should not be taken very seriously.

What is the motivation that keeps you engaged at work?

Simple here: impact. For me it will always be about the results of my work and what impact those results have: on me, on the company, on clients.

I’m very motivated by the gratitude of people who, interacting with me, are left with the thought that something was important to them and that they were able to learn.

Do you have principles that guide you in life, especially in difficult times, that you can share with us?

  1. Always do as you say.
  2. Fear is the mind killer. Never act or make decisions under the influence of strong emotions.
  3. Never compromise your principles and values to please a situation or another person. Situations are temporary, you have to live with yourself all your life.
  4. Never threaten someone with whom you have a conflict. If the situation demands it, act. Lightning. Firm. With consequences that hurt, but are not irreversible.

What made you choose your current field of work?

This is going to sound cliché, but I really think the field rather chose me. I believe this because I have transited various work environments (from NGOs and institutions, to entrepreneurship). In each environment where I have worked, I have finally fulfilled two functions: one in management, often as a project manager, and one as a trainer.

And I think this happened because I really love what I do. I don’t experience work as a separate part of my life (“I go to work and come home” – and those worlds are separate), but it is an integrated part of my life that defines me and I really enjoy it.

How do you see Ascent Group in the future?

We live in a world where the process of change is and will be accelerating. There are several factors driving this transformation, with digitisation and technological change being two of the most important. In this context, traditional forms of education will be insufficient to keep people at an acceptable level of preparedness for the labour market. Lifelong learning and niche knowledge and experience will be invaluable.

Ascent Group is the kind of company perfectly positioned to meet these needs, both now and in the near or distant future.

Maintaining the high level of know-how and highly trained people (strengths that Ascent already has consolidated), together with a digitalization process that facilitates access to the company’s services are the elements that will make Ascent Group spread its wings like a butterfly at the first flap of its wings, and consolidate a leading market position in Romania and Eastern Europe in the provision of consulting and training services for companies.