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Each champion has a good coach behind him

You’ve become a champion… you’ve had a skilled coach behind you who helped you become more efficient and inspired in everyday practice. In turn, you can be proud to have created a good team with competent people. But it is not always enough to have only competent people. Most of the time their experience and training must be put to use.

It is said that a manager’s value is given by the performance of the team without a manager. Can your team perform without you?

If you still appear on your team disconnections manifested by: Decreasing productivity, lack of motivation, constantly missed or delayed deadlines, low profitability of new projects, then it’s time to become coach for your team. Your contribution will be the questions that your team members will find their own solutions to the problems they face.

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at people who lead people and want to develop them professionally.

Course objectives

  • Develop the ability to lead a coaching process
  • Unleash the potential of each team Member
  • Develop the ability to ask the right questions at the right time
  • Develop the ability to help team members find the answers they need

The course modules

  • What is coaching?
  • Differences between mentoring, coaching, training and co-unselling
  • The stages of the coaching process
  • Skills and qualities of an effective coach (self awareness, rules taken, questions technique, listening technique)
  • Types of questions used in the coaching process
  • Grow versus co-active Coaching
  • Generate discovery space for the trained
  • The 5 different approaches of co-active Coaching
  • Management of the emotional dimension of the trained, as well as the active part, action and strategy.
  • Balance between emotion and action.

Florina Băbău

HR Manager Ascent Group

Florina is a graduate of the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the West University of Timisoara and has numerous certifications in the field of management and human resources. At the professional level, Florina has over 15 years professional experience as human resources manager, project manager, implementation and process improvements, projects with European funds, organization of motivational events, assessment and personnel development, for both multinational and Romanian companies.

Since 2019 Florina became HR Manager within Ascent Group, coordinating the group's human resources activities and projects at national level. Last but not least, Florina is also an experienced trainer in soft skills and team building programs.

Adina Almăjanu

Office Manager - Bucharest

Professionally, Adina's experience comes mainly from the human resources and training field, being for many years a trainer and project coordinator in international youth programs (e.g.: Erasmus), or trainer and human resources consultant in national and international projects, for private companies and NGOs.

Adina is currently Ascent Group's Office Manager. in Bucharest, but also an HR specialist & trainer of the Ascent Group, with experience both as a trainer in programs to develop presentation and communication skills, develop leadership skills, build and develop the team, team building, or design thinking capabilities, for local and multinational companies. Not last she was the coordinator of numerous personnel development programs and assessment centers for prestigious companies.