Corporate Entrepreneurship

The art of having employees engage as they would in their own company

How important is it that every employee of our company has an entrepreneurial approach? How important is it that the managers of the company  have the ability not only to manage the business but also make it grow? How can we help employees understand the importance of the company mission, keeping their focus towards customers and products, while being innovative and maintaining a self-driven behaviour? 

The answer to these questions is outlined within the Corporate Entrepreneurship program launched by „The Farrell Company” – a global leader organization in the fields of research and teaching of Entrepreneurial Practices and sustained growth within the companies. 

Who is it for?

The course is designed mainly for managers and persons in decision making positions, but it is useful to any employee from whom entrepreneurial initiative is expected. 

Course objectives

  • Increasing the capacity to identify solutions for business growth
  • Improving the competitiveness and profitability of the company by increasing employee involvement 
  • Better targeting of customers and positioning towards the company’s products 
  • Stimulating innovation among companies 
  • Increasing self motivation 

Main topics

  • Big business – big issues
  • The life cycle of all organisations
  • Entrepreneurial magic versus management science
  • Sense of mission: creating high standards and ambitious goals

Adela Cristea

Managing Partner & Founder Ascent Group

Adela Cristea is the managing partner of Ascent Group and founder of the consortium. Adela's academic background is in Economy and Law, at the "West University" Timișoara and "Vasile Goldiș" University, Arad. Throughout the years she's become specialised in numerous areas, studying at universities abroad (Gent University - Belgium; Göttingen University - Germany; National Democratic Institute - USA), as well as become trained in the Systems Thinking course at Oxford University.

Adela's wide experience of 20+ years, particularly that pertaining to the area of management and human resources, has been accumulated with multi-national companies such as Unilever or International Resources, as well as with consulting groups, such as Archimedes Consulting Group and Ascent Group.

All along, Adela has been engaged in multiple business start-up projects, company restructurings, labor conflicts and training, for multi-national companies, as well as for local businesses in a wide array of fields, both in Romania and abroad. Adela's multi-disciplinary experience is rounded off with a 15-year stretch teaching at the university.

Since 2017, Adela has become the co-founder of Design Thinkers Academy Eastern Europe, contributing to the development of the company to reach over 20 countries in Eastern Europe, the Balkans and Central Asia.

Liliana Savin

Managing Partner - North-East Region

Liliana's professional experience includes over 18 years of experience in human resources, training & management in companies with up to 1500 employees, such as: FiberxNylon, Yarcea – Radici Group, Rompetrol Petromidia, Pamac, Penny Market - Rewe Group, Vard Tulcea, Vard Braila – Fincancieri. Throughout her career, in addition to the years of experience as a Human Resources Manager, Liliana was also a legal Advisor in Trade and Labor Law, Commercial Manager and Deputy Director General.

Liliana has combined management experience in large companies with consultancy and trainer experience in projects of human resources and management, people development, soft & technical skills, communication & project management. Since 2019 Liliana has joined the Ascent Group team as managing partner for the North-East of Romania, contributing to the development of the group of companies at national level.