Emotional intelligence

The art of controlling our emotions

Having a high IQ or being very well prepared in a certain field of activityis not a predictor of success anymore.

In a world becoming increasingly more pragmatic, the new path to success is represented, ironically, by the ability of communicating and understanding others, their expectations and wishes. Being able to understand the others better implies that we know, understand and accept ourselves first.

Emotional intelligence is where this kind of issue is dealt with.


This program is designed for improving the internal environment of organisations, and for all those wishing to manage their emotions and relations better.


  • Understanding the concept of emotional intelligence
  • Developing the capacity of identification and control of emotions
  • Understanding the self and the reactions one has
  • Obtaining the capacity of dealing with destructive emotions
  • Evaluating personal emotional intelligence level

Main topics

  • What is intelligence
  • Types of intelligence
  • Emotional competence
  • Self-knowledge
  • Interpersonal relationship management
  • Empathy
  • Emotions
  • Managing energies
  • Developing EQ-personal action plan

Florina Băbău

HR Manager Ascent Group

Florina is a graduate of the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the West University of Timisoara and has numerous certifications in the field of management and human resources. At the professional level, Florina has over 15 years professional experience as human resources manager, project manager, implementation and process improvements, projects with European funds, organization of motivational events, assessment and personnel development, for both multinational and Romanian companies.

Since 2019 Florina became HR Manager within Ascent Group, coordinating the group's human resources activities and projects at national level. Last but not least, Florina is also an experienced trainer in soft skills and team building programs.

Adina Almăjanu

Office Manager - Bucharest

Professionally, Adina's experience comes mainly from the human resources and training field, being for many years a trainer and project coordinator in international youth programs (e.g.: Erasmus), or trainer and human resources consultant in national and international projects, for private companies and NGOs.

Adina is currently Ascent Group's Office Manager. in Bucharest, but also an HR specialist & trainer of the Ascent Group, with experience both as a trainer in programs to develop presentation and communication skills, develop leadership skills, build and develop the team, team building, or design thinking capabilities, for local and multinational companies. Not last she was the coordinator of numerous personnel development programs and assessment centers for prestigious companies.