Finance for sales force

Sales with increased profitability

The efficiency of the sales force plays a key role in the business success or failure of the company. Increased sales volume, achieving or overcoming the target sales is very important for the development of the company. At the same time, equally important is the financial information in the decision to sell.

Moreover, we’d all like the sales force to understand the importance of cash flow and the profitability for the company, to realise their role in identifying and selling to customers with a secure financial profile.

This training helps you understand how finances are functioning, the need of the finances and sales to work together to ensure that the organisation achieves the most profitable sales it can.


This training is offered to all sales people who want to understand the financial principles that help them in selling process and influence the sales profitability.


  • Acquiring basic financial concepts useful in sales
  • Identifying customers with secure financial profile or who warrant a credit risk
  • Improving skills for analysing financial customers
  • Understanding the indicators of key performance (KPI’s)

Main topics

  • The importance of finances in the sale process
  • Important financial concepts, use of financial reports
  • Budget – a tool for planning and control of the sale process
  • The importance of profitability
  • The credit risk of a new customer
  • Cash flow and its importance
  • Discounts and reduction of the profit
  • Preventing debt, tracking the overdue accounts
  • Analysis of competitors, key performance indicators

Marcel Chișcan

Managing Partner Ascent Group

His 30-year professional experience combines a wide range of fields of activity, from local public administration to sales and advertising, manufacturing or logistics and transport. Over the years Marcel has been in management positions for both SME's and local public administration, industrial projects or in the management of logistics and transport companies, as well as in the board of public or private companies.

Over the last 15 years its managerial and entrepreneurial experience has been enriched by numerous consultancy projects for start-ups and for business development/restructuring, combining the assistance with training activities, in particular on the topics such as Leadership and management, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Strategic planning and strategic thinking, Negotiation skills, Sales techniques and Customer care, Communication skills or Time Management.

Renata Ban

Financial Manager Ascent Group

At the professional level, Renata has 20 years of experience in accounting finance, in the financial departments of local or multinational companies (Arconta, Porta Doors, Magontec, Takata, Laeoni), and in financial and accounting consultancy with Ascent Group. All these years she has been involved in numerous consultancy projects, both for local and multinational companies, in various fields of activity: automotive, manufacturing, it, agriculture, trade, and services.

Since 2012 Renata becomes Senior Partner in Ascent Finance, a company specialized in financial and accounting services within the Ascent Group. Over the last years, thanks to her consistent professional knowledge combined with very good communication skills, Renata has also become a very good trainer on financial issues, mainly in training programs of Finance for Non-financials, efficient use of Ciel accounting program, personalized consultancy, etc.