Performing as assistant manager

How to be an efficient assistant manager

The assistant manager has an important role in the company, as a close collaborator of the manager. For this reason, the assistant manager education must be comprehensive and cover various topics pertaining to communication, protocol, marketing, management, accounting, computer science, law.

Would you like to amaze coworkers with skills far beyond those likened to a “front-desk clerk”? Would you like to find out how to become the assistant manager your boss needs? How can this role juggle not just being a close collaborator of the manager, but also a skilled assistant, managing phone calls, correspondence and meeting minutes?

This training helps you realise what is the exact role of an assistant manager, what a manager expects from you, which abilities you need to develop to become “the right hand” of your employer.


The course is addressed to all the assistants of general managers, to department assistants that want to reach performance, to improve and organise the information they operate with and to secretaries that strive for a promotion.


  • Improving the communication and relationship with the internal and external public
  • Developing the information of commercial correspondence
  • Improving the organisational skills and the time management of the administrative tasks
  • Developing of basic economic and marketing concepts
  • Refining their own business image

Main topics

  • The role of assistant manager in the company – secretary vs. assistant manager
  • Manager’s expectations from an assistant manager
  • Internal and external communication
  • Correspondence and written information – the efficiency of information system
  • Commercial correspondence
  • Organisational skills, the management of super congestion
  • Public Relations (internal and external)
  • Elements of primary book-keeping
  • Basic concepts of marketing (the external environment, competition analysis)
  • Protocol, self-image, vocabulary

Adina Almăjanu

Office Manager - Bucharest

Professionally, Adina's experience comes mainly from the human resources and training field, being for many years a trainer and project coordinator in international youth programs (e.g.: Erasmus), or trainer and human resources consultant in national and international projects, for private companies and NGOs.

Adina is currently Ascent Group's Office Manager. in Bucharest, but also an HR specialist & trainer of the Ascent Group, with experience both as a trainer in programs to develop presentation and communication skills, develop leadership skills, build and develop the team, team building, or design thinking capabilities, for local and multinational companies. Not last she was the coordinator of numerous personnel development programs and assessment centers for prestigious companies.

Cristina Balaciu (Fășie)

Training Manager

Cristina has joined Ascent Group in 2022, thanks to cumulated expertise in the non-profit and business sectors. As a graduate of Communication Science programs at the “University of the West” in Timișoara, Cristina has gained professional ground first in the private sector, working as a project manager (and beyond) within “Youth in Action” and “Erasmus+” (European Commission-funded) projects. She has coordinated international teams and collaborated with both local and cross-continental stakeholders.

5 years into her NGO activity, Cristina expanded her management skills by transitioning to the corporate area. To her previous roles as manager she added People Development Coordinator for a multinational company in the automotive industry.

In her work, she’s become trained/certified on a multitude of topics from the soft skills complex, ranging from communication and conflict management to emotional intelligence and personal development.