deFlorina Babau January 28, 2022

Employees who will self-review at the 2022 census will receive a free day paid from their employer

The order on the organization and conduct of the population and housing census stipulates that “persons employed who self-review via the Internet have the right to a free, paid day”.

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Emergency ordinance No 19 of 4 February 2020 on the organization and conduct of the population and housing census in Romania in 2021 provides that ‘employed persons self-regulating via the Internet shall have the right to a free, paid day in order to encourage the most dilating use of this method.’ Employers of persons who provide evidence of online self-censorship shall be required to give them the day off, paid, on a date to be agreed with the persons entitled. The day of free payment shall be granted not later than 12 months after the successful completion of the self-review

A single paid day away is granted to an employed person, regardless of whether he or she has self-censorship online for himself or for other household members, or for other persons.

Evidence of online self-enumeration shall be provided by presenting the confirmation code of successful self-enumeration, the confirmation code being generated automatically by the functional computer solution on the census site.

According to Emergency Ordinance No 39 of 19 May 2021, the census to be carried out in 2021 was postponed to 2022. This year’s census will be conducted, phased, between February and July 2022, by collecting data from citizens.

Depending on the evolution of national events (pandemics, natural disasters, alert States, emergency States, local choices, parliamentary elections, referendum, modification of the period of the general agricultural census) which may affect the holding of the census, the period of data collection may be amended by a decision.