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Employment of disabled people - after 25th of July 2020

The amendments to Law 448/2006 on the protection and promotion of the rights of persons with disabilities enter into force on 25.07.2020.

We remind you that the rights of persons with disabilities (a disabled person also means a grade III disabled person) employed or seeking employment are as follows:

  • training courses;
  • reasonable adaptation at the workplace;
  • counselling from a person specialized in work mediation;
  • a trial period of at least 45 working days;
  • notice paid not less than 30 working days at the time of termination of employment for reasons not attributable to the employee, but also the ability to work less than 8 hours/day, if it benefits from the recommendation of the evaluation committee.

What is new is that the employer is obliged to ensure that disabled people have access to adequate work, in accordance with their specialisation and the ability to work attested by the certificate of employment in the degree of disability, and to adapt reasonably the workplace.

The "reasonable adaptation to the workplace" is defined by the legislator as the sum of all the changes made by the employer to facilitate the right to work of the disabled person. This also includes the adaptation of working time to the functional potential of the person, the purchase of assistance equipment, assistance devices and technologies, etc.

The lack of employment insurance as mentioned above is a crime and is fined between 10,000 - 25,000 RON.

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