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Travel to Romania for business purpose is exempt from quarantine and isolation measures

The Romanian Government has launched a new phase of relaxation measures related to the current epidemiological context. In this regard, The Decision no. 465 was adopted on the 11th of June 2020, to amend and supplement Annexes 2 and 3 of HG 394/2020 on the Alert State Declaration.

Also, in the Official Journal n. 508 of 15 June 2020 was published the order of the Minister of Health no. 1,080 of 12 June 2020 amending and supplementing Amendment 414/2020 establishing the quarantine measures for persons in an international public health emergency due to COVID-19 infection.

Here's a summary of the legislative changes, on the conditions of travel and entry into Romania.

 1. Countries to be exempted from quarantine/house isolation.

According to the above legislative amendments, a list of countries that excepted from the quarantine/isolation measures has been adopted for asymptomatic persons from their respective countries arriving in Romania.

  • Therefore, by decision 13.06.2020 of the Committee on Emergency Situations, which entered into force on 15.06.2020 at 00.00, the abolition of quarantine/isolation measures for asymptomatic persons from the following countries in Romania was approved: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Croatia, Swiss Confederation, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary (so-called green zone);

  • The list of countries for which quarantine/isolation measures apply shall be updated weekly by the National Institute of Public Health and approved by the Committee for Emergency Situations;

  • However, persons from countries which benefit from the exception of quarantine/isolation but which, before leaving the country, have not stayed for at least 14 days in its territory, enter quarantine/isolation in the dwelling/place declared by the person concerned, together with the roommates, including families/dependants, where appropriate.

For all persons arriving in Romania from countries not covered by the exception to quarantine/isolation (yellow zone), quarantine/isolation measure shall be established in the accommodation/place declared by the person concerned, together with the tenants, including family members/dependants, as appropriate.

2. Exceptions to the quarantine/self-isolation rules for business travel

In addition, according to the latest legislation, will be excepted by the provisions for the establishment of the quarantine/isolation measure at the entry in Romania the following categories of persons coming from countries not covered by the quarantine/isolation exception and showing no symptoms of COVID-19:

  1. drivers of commercial vehicles with a maximum authorised capacity exceeding 2,4 tonnes;

  2. drivers of passenger motor vehicles with more than nine seats, including the driver’s seat;

  3. drivers referred to in points (a) and (b) travelling in the interest of exercising their profession from their state of residence in another European Union Member State or from another European Union State in the state of residence, whether the journey is made by individual means or on their own account;

  4. cross-border workers entering Romania from Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine or the Republic of Moldova;

  5. employees of Romanian companies carrying out work under contracts concluded outside Romania on their return to Romania, if they demonstrate the contractual relationship with the beneficiary outside the national territory;

  6. representatives of foreign companies with subsidiaries/branches/representative offices in Romania, if at the entry into the territory of Romania they can demonstrate the contractual relationship with economic entities in the national territory;

  7. persons entering Romania for the provision of use, installation, putting into service, maintenance of medical equipment and techniques, as well as equipment in the fields of science, economics, defence, public order and national security, provide evidence of the contractual relationship with the beneficiary (the beneficiaries) in Romania, as well as with inspectors of international bodies;

Therefore, in order to be exempted from the quarantine/self- isolation measure, persons in the situations listed above must demonstrate, at entry into the country, with documents, that they meet the conditions established by law.

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