deFlorina Babau January 26, 2021

Meet our team: Daniela Cuha, HR Specialist

We are at the start of the year and we are going back to the presentations of our colleagues. This time we make a “stop frame” on our colleague Daniela, our expert on payroll.

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Daniela joined our company a long time ago, that is 10 years ago, during which she prepared monthly salaries for …many employees. No matter the weather, no matter the pandemic, the crises that have persited or the laws that have changed. We would like to be more accurate and to be able to give a figure, but we have lost a little the “count” over time.

Responsibility, perseverance, loyalty, meticulousness and calm are just a few of her strengths.

What can you tell us about you from a professional point of view?

I graduated from Aurel Vlaicu University in Arad, Accounting and IT management profile. It was a nice time, but also a busy time, because I also started working during this period. It helped me very much after graduation, I easily went through that barrier of companies that wanted to hire new graduates who also had work experience.

The professional field was chosen because of a conjuncture. In high school and university, I studied very much accounting, but after completing my studies, my attention was drawn to a contest for a post at a state institution. I liked the challenge, got the job and everything went naturally to this part of human resources.

What do you like to do most?

I have recently discovered the swimming. I learned this sport last year and I like to practice it as much as possible. I’ve always liked flowers in pot-cellar and their care. I really like animals, especially puppies. Watching a movie at the end of a busy day relaxes me.

How would you describe yourself as a person?

“In a world where thinking is difficult, that is why most people judge” (Carl Gustav Jung), I try to think as much as possible and to know people beyond appearances.

I am not giving up easily and I do not like to leave for tomorrow the things that can be done today. I am an optimistic and empathetic person.

What motivates you to job?

Personal and professional development are important drivers for me. The projects I manage are numerous, diverse, and I always learn something new.

Another reason is that here I am dealing with exactly what I like and I am in a professional work environment and a friendly atmosphere.

What are your principles of life?

I think it is important to offer more than you get, where possible. If there is something I am pleased about, then I pay him my full attention.

How do you see ASCENT in the future?

Today, ASCENT is a growing company that is rapidly adapting to the needs of customers and collaborators, and in the future it will certainly expand further. In recent times, there has been a great deal of emphasis on flexibility in working hours and telework, and ASCENT has implemented this system very easily.

We are in the speed century, and ASCENT manages to anticipate market requirements, while also making it easier to save such precious time for any one of us.