Meet our team: Sorin Herman, Human Resources Specialist

Today we will talk about our colleague Sorin Herman, who this year joined our team in Human Resources.

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Today we will talk about our colleague Sorin Herman, who this year joined our team in Human Resources, as well as in the management of salaries and personnel. But his experience in this field is not at all recent, 12 years have passed since Sorin devoted himself to the calculation of salaries and personnel administration.

What can you tell us about you?

I graduated Aurel Vlaicu University in Arad, Accounting and Management Section and a Master’s Degree from Western University Vasile Goldis in Arad, Marketing and Management Department.

Why did you choose this area?

My first job, right after I completed my studies, was at a local consulting firm. Initially in the accounting, but because I did not like it so much, I transferred to the part of HR (payroll and personnel administration). I’ve worked here for a total of 15 years. While I like stability, this year I wanted to make a job change and decided to join ASCENT in the same area of activity. I based my decision a lot on the compatibility that I saw between my principles and the identity of this organization.

I chose to stay in this field and continuously improve because I like to work with people, and although much has been said, I firmly believe that man is the most important resource of a company.

What do you like to do most?

I like to spend time with my child, riding bicycles or scooters on the shore of Mures and in the park. I have a great passion for running long distances in the mountains and main roade marathon. And it may seem at first glance that it doesn’t help much such a passion, but I can tell you that it brings me a lot of benefits: It helps me in terms of discipline, relaxation and exceeding my limits. When I run away I get away from all the “others” and I feel free.

How would you describe yourself as a person?

I am an open and optimistic person with an appetite for life, but at the same time I am very serious when it comes to work.

What motivates you to job?

The most important motivation to my job is the satisfaction I have when I can help companies by offering them the most appropriate solutions in relation to their employees.

How do you see ASCENT in the future?

ASCENT is a dynamic, innovative and highly adaptable company able to keep pace with any change, so the digitization period already started does not surprise us. In fact, we see it as a challenge, the challenge of learning even more in this area.

What are your principles of life?

My main principle of life is very old and comes from the oldest book: “love your neighbor as yourself”, a principle that I try to apply every day, both in the workplace and in personal life.

This is the way he is, our most “new” colleague in HR. In fact, Sorin has adapted so quickly to us that it seems he has been on our team for several years. And this is what we want: Long marathon together, whether it’s mountain, asphalt or human resources 🙂