Meet our team: Tiberiu Blaga, Human Resources Consultant

Because we all miss travel, we invite you to “travel” a little to our office in Sibiu so that we can present our colleague Tiberiu to you.

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Let’s start from your studies. Which school have you finished?

I attended the Faculty of philosophy of Babes Bolyai University in Cluj and then the Faculty of Theology at Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu.

Professionally, my “adventure” in HR starts and links to the meeting with Virgil, the manager of the office in Sibiu, who I have to thank for the trust he gave me, to join Ascent Group Sibiu.

It has been three years since, beautiful, challenging, but also with professional satisfaction and fulfillment, in which we managed to maintain a well-established team based on trust, respect and friendship even beyond the 8 hours spent in the office together.

My main activity in Ascent is related to the area of recruitment, personal administration and good customer relationship, especially in the projects I coordinate.

What do you like to do the most?

Although it may seem paradoxical, I very much like to spend my time at the job or with job-related activities. In three years at Ascent I think I can count on my fingers the days I didn’t go with excitement to work. Even in this more difficult period of pandemic, I preferred to work from the office and keep the meeting alive with the people we relate to as much as possible.

I like the coffee before the start of the program and to order the tasks for that day. I like to play football, to go out, to enjoy time with friends or those close on a quiet evening, at a discussion about politics, football, literature… life in general. I also like films, less conventional, and reading, as long as I have time left, especially memorialism or works of spirituality, religion.

How would you describe yourself as a person?

I think I am a fairly balanced, empathetic person, inclined to understand the human nature and the needs of those around me. I also think I am a team man, responsible and focused on the work I’m doing.

What motivates you to go to the job?

The motivation in HR comes, in my view, from the very specific nature of the job. Any recruitment process may be the same as an initial journey. From finding the right candidate to validating and accepting it by the customer, you go through a series of steps and challenges that, although they may seem similar, are never the same.

Day by day you have new projects, meetings, discussions with different people from a socio-professional point of view, unforeseen situations that keep you connected. Beyond all this, the result, the fact that you have managed to find the right man for the right job, I think it is a motivation big enough to start your day at work with a great dose of energy and fulfillment.

What are your principles of life?

I am trying to have a fair and balanced approach to everything I do, to dedicate myself, to be involved in what I do and to bring at least a minimum benefit to my actions. I do not have slogans or motto that I can think of, I think that the most important is common sense and moderation in everything that characterizes us.

How do you see Ascent in the future?

First of all, I would like to point out that in ASCENT we met very well-trained people, real professionals in their area of expertise (from HR to accounting and training), people who are open, enthusiastic and very well connected to the changes that times impose.

That we are a company that provides integrated business area services, that we have a team of consultants that are always active and customer-friendly, and that we can effectively provide optimal and development solutions for small and large companies, it shows strongly that ASCENT is a company that has already established itself in the top of the consultancy companies in our country. Thus, in my view, ASCENT , through the vision and professionalism of the people inside the company, has always been one step in the future, but at the same time, well anchored in the realities and needs of the day’s ever-dynamic.