deFlorina Babau June 3, 2022

REVISAL can be accessed online by employees

According to Law 144 of 2022, the General Register of employees (REVISAL) will be accessible online, at any time, for employees and former employees.

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New deadlines regarding the transmission of the salary changes to ITM

February 18, 2018Adina Almajanu

The year 2018 brings changes at all levels, including the General Employee Evidence Register and its submission to ITM via the Reges platform. According to Government Decision no. 905/2017, published on 19 December 2017 in the Official Gazette no. 1005, there are regulations regarding the new deadlines for transmitting changes to the contractual elements.

Thus, in August 2017, a new rule was introduced which stipulated that the change of any contractual clause must be registered and transmitted to ITM no later than one day before the date of its entry into force, in this way removing the provisions of the Labor Code stipulating the period of 20 days.