deRenata Ban July 22, 2021

The last days to register for the HoReCa’s state aid scheme

News has come up on the financing side, news covering various fields.

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The latest news on the financing side covers various areas, including:

  • state aid to construction firms, which will be able to obtain a maximum of EUR 37,5 million each, through a government decision published in MO on 15 July. The budget of the scheme went up from 4.07 billion lei to 6,38 billion lei, and at the same time the fields of activity to which it is directed were extended, with the construction of buildings (group 41), civil engineering works (group 42), other special building works n.e.c. (Group 49); this State aid represents between 10 and 50 % of the total investment, this percentage varies according to the area in which the construction is carried out;
  • the registration to the HoReCa scheme is extended until 26 July 2021, as only 8.100 potential beneficiaries were registered out of the total of 74.000 beneficiaries;
  • in the rural development program, the Agency for the financing of Rural investments has published the scoring scales for European funds through the national Rural Development Program, within the non-agricultural business lines in the villages, with a budget of EUR 3 billion. Applications of up to €70.000 for young farmers would start in the second half of August, while non-refundable ones of up to €200,000 for non-agricultural business in the villages would start in September this year.