Technical unemployment regime until the end of 2021

An important change in the technical unemployment rate, which only applies until 31 December 2021, was introduced by Emergency Ordinance No 111 of 2 October 2021.

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New facilities for employers choosing to keep their employees after the technical unemployment

June 3, 2020Liliana Savin

As they did not know how to deal with the technically unemployed employees, employers were clarified on Friday evening, after the publication of Decree 92/2020, which are the facilities they can benefit from.

In this article, we have summarized the main provisions contained in the order 92/2020 published in the Official Journal 459/29 May 2020, on the establishment of active support measures for employees and employers in the context of the epidemiological situation caused by the spread of SAR-Cov-2 coronavirus, as well as for the amendment of certain regulatory acts.


New amendments to the law 19/2020 on granting free time to parents to supervise the children

April 6, 2020Liliana Savin

The last day of school introduced a new decree amending and supplementing Law 19/2020 on parental leave to supervise children in the event of temporary closure of educational establishments (details of the previous provisions are here). This is the Government Emergency Ordinance No. 41, published in the Official Gazette No. 282 of 03.04.2020.

The new amendments concern:


How is the technical unemployment finally applied?

March 31, 2020Liliana Savin

On Monday evening, after long waiting, the Emergency Ordinance on the modification and completion of the OUG No. 30/2020 was published in the Official Journal, which refers to the protection that the State will guarantee to the employees during the state of emergency, in the event of suspension of individual employment contracts, at the initiative of the employer, in accordance with Article 52 (1) (c) of Law 53/2003 – Labour Code. Shortly, we are talking about the ordered regulation governing the technical unemployment during the SAR-cov-2 crisis.

As we intended, but did not hope, the ordinance was in support of all employees affected by the spread of SAR-virus cov-2, eliminating the differentiation between employees whose employers have been forced to close down completely or partially on the basis of the decisions taken by the public authorities and those who have been indirectly affected by the measures taken.


Amendments to the law 19/2020 on giving parents time off to supervise the children

March 23, 2020Liliana Savin

The decree for the implementation of the provisions of Law 19/2020 on granting additional free days to parents for the supervision of children in the situation of temporary closure of educational establishments, was published in the Official Gazette No 22/21.03.2020. There are several important changes and additions to the law (you can find details of the original provisions here and the first additions made here).
The last amendments are concerning the following aspects:
  • it is established which are the working days for which the parents will receive an allowance.


Last informations from CNAS, regarding sick leave and quarantine allowance

March 17, 2020Liliana Savin

The press office of the National Health Insurance House published today, on the official website of the institution, a series of recommendations regarding the granting of medical leave and the quarantine payment.

According to the published text, in order to prevent illnesses and to recover the capacity to work, the insured persons can benefit from leave and allowance for quarantine, according to the regulations contained in the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 158/2005 regarding the holidays and indemnities of social health insurance, with the subsequent modifications and completions, as well as in the Norms of application of its provisions, approved by the Order of the Minister of Health and of the president of CNAS no. 15 / 1.311 / 2018, as subsequently amended and supplemented.