deFlorina Babau December 4, 2020

Meet our team: Andreea Ilica, Accounting Expert

Andreea is our colleague with a smile on her face, willing to help you at any time and …she is very close to Mitica. Who is Mitica? You can find out from the article below.

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Andreea is our colleague with a smile on her face, willing to help you at any time and … She is very, very close to Mitica. Who is Mitica? Mitica is no more, no less, but our first intelligent robot that helps us make our work even more efficient. It is certain that Andreea loves challenges in the workplace and offers to “solve” them without hesitation. And to love her, too, we invite you to retrace her history.

What can you tell us about you professionally?

I am a graduate of the Faculty of Economics, Business Economics, Tourism and Services section of Aurel Vlaicu Arad University. Since 2014 I have been certified accountant by CECCAR.

On a professional level I have 7 years of experience in the financial and accounting sector. It was a challenge for me at the age of 22 to learn accounting. I simply liked working with numbers from the beginning. Initially I worked in an accounting office as an accountant and managed a portfolio of companies with different business sectors, providing solutions, support and advice. Then I worked on a consulting firm in European funds as a financial advisor.

After these two professional experiences, I started to work with numbers, calculations, estimates, forecasts, analysis of data and everything related to the financial activity of a company. From 2018 I joined the ASCENT team, continuing in the same financial and accounting field.

What do you like to do most?

I like good movies, music, outdoor walks, to read and make others around me smile. I love the warm days of spring, but I like the rain when I stay at home warm :).

How would you describe yourself as a person?

I am a sociable, cheerful and calm person. I am a perfectionist woman, I do not like things done by the robe and keep the details. I’m fascinated by intelligent people, who have something to say, I like subtle ironies, simple little words, but with great impact.

I like cheerful people and those who look from a fun perspective even the most serious things. I appreciate naturalness and hold everything related to counterfeiting. I hate stupidity, people who try to appear what they’re not, and people who make a personal goal of denigrating those around them.

What motivates you at work?

I think that “If you work with love, you can do your work well“. I’m more motivated by the feeling of my realization. The pride of the good work done should be the basis for individual development and therefore be part of the culture of each company. For me “good work” means efficiency, performance, performing a task with passion. Actually, I don’t think it’s worth doing anything if you don’t want to do it very well.

I choose to focus on actions, not words: the result of a job well done is so obvious that it no longer requires explanations. Therefore, when I do something, I like that any service I offer is high-quality and that the world around me is satisfied with what I offer.

What are your principles of life?

One of my main principles of life is “Focus on the solution and not the problem“. In today’s society, we are prepared and used to analyzing problems and often get stuck at this stage. We see this all the time – at home, at work or at school, but also in the way media or opinion leaders deal with different topics. In a world where one looks for the culprit before the solution, I try as much as possible to concentrate on the solution and then on the analysis of the cause.

How do you see ASCENT in the future?

We live in a demanding society, in a constant movement, in a constantly evolving way, to whose needs we must adapt. ASCENT is constantly developing, modernizing, digitizing, adapting and folding to the needs of its customers, which means significant growth of the company. I am convinced that it will soon be even more recognized at national and international level, thanks to training and conferences with innovative themes.

ASCENT has created an environment in which people operate as a family, each being aware that the well-being of each and, consequently, their own well-being depends on their performance, which also entails a growing interest in work. People look more seriously at their work when they feel appreciated for what they do.

I am happy to be part of this company, since I worked here I feel I have grown a lot, both professionally and personally, I had a lot of challenges and I came to do things that I never thought I could do.