deFlorina Babau April 19, 2021

Meet our team: Bianca Druc, Lawyer

Bianca has been our colleague for many years now. She is a lawyer in our office in Bucharest and is a person who is always curious, active and lively.

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Bianca graduated from the Faculty of Law at the Christian University Dimitrie Cantemir, where she also obtained a Master’s degree in Criminal Law.  She likes to watch movies, walk in the spring and notice the nature that is re-born, and when she temporarily leaves the romantic mood, she says she is not out of some sporting activities.  Her principles of life require its acceptance, but also the acceptance of the people around her as they are, regardless of the environment from which they come.  She likes to do things as correctly as possible and that any good lawyer has a little dose of selfishness when she says the best information is the one you get alone.

Why did you choose to study law?

I graduated from a high school with a philology profile and as a result I had somehow set the way to certain faculties.  The law area was fashionable and I liked the idea!  I did not know exactly what it meant, but I do not regret the choice I have made.  I think it has helped me in my personal life too, in the sense that I can now resolve on my own various administrative matters for which I had to hire someone else.

How many years have you been working in law now?

I have been a lawyer for 20 years and now I am specialized in company law, that is, providing legal advice on the business of companies.

If you were to describe yourself as a person, what would this description sound like?

I would say it is a quite obvious contrast between my personal status and the way I’m doing business.  Personally I am a happy, curious, energetic and practical person.  These last two attributes I lead them to my professional life, but there is something else.  I am somewhat rigid in the consulting process.  I don’t like solutions that don’t provide clarity and security.  I keep in mind a great deal of detail I use later on, and perhaps that is why I do not appreciate the long discussions, which could be cut off much more easily if we were to speak strictly on the subject.  However, I avoid saying that we cannot and always look for solutions to the benefit of our customers.  I think that a close relationship with the customer is a plus in a collaboration!

What do you find motivating in your workplace?

Colleagues with whom I work very well, the atmosphere there.  Sometimes I have to do extensive research to be able to make a certain request from my customers, and that also motivates me very much because this improves my knowledge in new areas.  Ascent Group gave me the opportunity to broaden my experience.  I am now looking at a problem as a whole, not only in part, and that gives me the certainty that the solution offered is the right one!

How do you see the Ascent Group from your perspective in the years to come?

Ascent has developed very nicely in recent years, through all his offices and collaborators, I believe that the people who are currently in Ascent are here to stay.  I am not a visionary but I am convinced that Ascent will, through all the services it offers and through constant attempts to adapt to the times we live in, remain on the market and have a say!