Meet our team: Iulia Blaj, Junior HR recruiter

Iulia is our colleague in the HR branch of the company, who brings not only support to the team, but also a lot of good humour. We invite you to meet her.

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What studies did you complete and what marked you in your academic training?

I graduated Faculty of Communication Sciences at Politehnica University, Timișoara , majoring in Communication and Public Relations. During the years I was a student, I had the opportunity to put information about courses through various volunteer programs within the student leagues. Through these I made contact with international studies and social projects, and I had a first experience as a “human resources person” being involved in these activities.

What are the activities you gravitate towards in your free time?

I try to take advantage of every free minute in nature. Starting from this fact, I try to have different activities, such as: off-road driving, fishing, traveling, camping. Ever since college I’ve had “theme weekends” and traveled a lot with friends, but what I love most is when experiences happen spontaneously – the unplanned moments that turn into memories are what I love the most.

How would you describe yourself personally?

I wish I had a clear answer to this question, but for now I’m still discovering myself, and it’s a process that often surprises me! What is clear to me, however, is that I am an optimistic person, a quality taken almost to the extreme, and my optimism is combined with energy. One principle I follow is to show kindness with everyone, because they have their own struggles.

What is the motivation that keeps you engaged at work?

In recruiting, every day is a new challenge. Every new position and every interview are constant challenges. I would summarize my work by innovation and challeng – what can be more motivating than that?

Do you have principles that guide you in life especially in difficult times, that you can share with us?

Sure! I am aware that personal development is a long process, and I still have many things to learn. Even so, I have a main guide (an “outline”) for now and for the future. Two essential values for me are compassion and cooperation; I want them to be a priority in any type of action or activity I carry out. Then, I am aware of the fact that any difficulty I encounter is temporary; sooner or later things change and my optimism always clings to the light at the end of the tunnel.

What made you choose your current field of work?

Probably the fact that I am communicative and empathetic have a lot to do with the field in which I work. I was saying that recruiting process is a constant challenge, because I try to identify and understand people’s wants and needs, trying to find common points and win-win combinations for both parties involved in the process. I am increasingly discovering that being “talkative” is not the first quality required; this field teaches me how to listen.

How do you see Ascent Group in the future?

The person sanctifies the place. In the company there are only wonderful people wich together can achieve wonderful things. And I, with as much experience as I have accumulated so far, beside them, I want to add one piece at a time to the great Puzzle-Ascent, and the final image to reflect fulfillment and good mood.