deCodre Dan July 7, 2021

Meet our team: Marcel Chișcan, Managing Partner Ascent Group

Marcel joined the Ascent Group team from the very beginning, and in 15 years of activity within the group, it mainly coordinated the part of operations and digitisation.

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Marcel Chișcan joined the Ascent Group team from the very beginning, and in 15 years of activity within the group, it mainly coordinated the part of operations and digitisation. Marcel is a music lover, a man who likes to spend a lot of time in nature, with his family, and who is always preoccupied with his Community.

How did your collaboration with Ascent begin? You’re one of the founders of the company, aren’t you?

Not quite a founder but between the first. I was from the beginning. The company was established in March and I came on October 1st, 2005. I have with Adela Cristea and her husband, Claudiu, a more special and very old relationship. We have been friends for 35 years, I have worked with Claudiu in the City Hall, we have done politics together, we have been in the same group of friends, with common values, with common passions. As I said, in 2005 Adela came to me to propose me to get involved in a management project, I followed the proposal and so I came to work in the Ascent Group!

What is your activity within the company?

I am dealing with everything that is operational, customer management. Another branch of my work relates to the supervision of our consultants. I also supervise the legal part of the company and the strictly operational part necessary for the proper functioning of the company, that is, the informatization, the organization, the insurance, let’s say to all those necessary to carry out the activity.

What do you find motivating in your daily work?

Diversity and challenges. I don’t think I could do monotonous things. I like adrenaline and I like the challenges! The beautiful part in our consulting is that we work with many clients from different branches of activity. We need to offer solutions for different customers and every customer is a challenge. This helps you not only to have your time busy and busy, but also helps you evolve, because you often encounter new problems and then you have to find solutions to manage them and that makes you learn every day!

What are you principles?

If I was somehow more revolutionary, more liberal in my youth, then I became more moderate, somehow. As a structure, although I would not lead the discussion to politics, I remain Christian – Democrat. I am trying to find a middle solution between what individualist liberalism means and collectivist socialism. I believe in individual power, on the other hand, that there are people who need help and solidarity is necessary. I try to understand social protection, and I support it where it is needed, I do not understand it when it is made poorly. And I also understand a man’s wish to develop, to accumulate. On the other hand, I am convinced that anyone living in a community has a duty to give something back to the community of which he is a member! I think a lot of companies are doing this and understand to do it, and think it is necessary! The Community also helps you with what it can help you, not necessarily always with how much we want or when we want, but I think there must be a combination between the private sector and the administration.

How do you see the future of the company?

I see it as a solid group of companies, with a diverse team of specialists each in the field in which they work, and with a medium size. I believe that Ascent will grow in the future, but it will remain a group of companies that also give the freedom of decision to the individual or individuals working within the group. We offer, and will do it in the future, integrated services, in the sense that a customer coming to our firm for consultancy receives support in everything related to the performance of his business, whether we discuss the legal side, human resources, the financial or training part of the staff.