deSorin Herman October 12, 2020

New support measures offered to employees and employers

In the Official Gazette no. 720 of 10.08.2020, the Government Gazette 132/2020 on new support measures for employees and employers was published, which we summarize below


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In the Official Gazette no. 720 of 10.08.2020, the Government Gazette 132/2020 on new support measures for employees and employers was published, which we summarize below

Measures to reduce working time

  • in the case of temporary reduction in work resulting from the establishment of an emergency/alert/siege condition, under the conditions laid down by law, employers can reduce their working time by no more than 50 % of the duration stipulated in the individual employment contract, with the corresponding breakdown of the working hours and the corresponding reduction in salary.
  • during this period, employees shall receive an allowance of 75 % of the difference between the gross basic salary provided for in the IEM and the gross basic salary corresponding to the actual working hours worked as a result of reduced working time.
  • these amounts are paid by the employer and are then settled by the ANOFM from the insurance budget for unemployment.
  • the reduction in working time shall be fixed by decision of the employer for a period of at least 5 consecutive working days, which shall determine the working time for the whole month.
  • the reduction in working time may also apply to shift-time working, and also in the case of unequal working hours.

Measures for PFAs

  • the decree provides for support measures for the self-employed who benefited from the technical unemployment benefit during the emergency/alert state, based on the GEO 30/2020.
  • in the context of temporary reduction of activity during the emergency/alert state, these people will be able to receive a monthly allowance of 41,5% of their average gross wage.
  • the payment will be made from the state budget, through the national Agency for payments and Social inspection based on the application and the declaration on own responsibility.

Measures for daily workers and seasonal workers

a) daily workers

  • for day-to-day operations in one of the areas affected by the interruption or restriction of activity as a result of the effects of SAR-CoV-2 virus, an amount equal to 35 % of the remuneration due to the working day for a period of three months shall be paid from the State budget at the choice of the beneficiary, but no later than 31 December 2020.
  • the beneficiaries of the works will pay the money to the day to day workers, from their own budget, at the time the daily work is paid, and then they will pay the amounts paid by the National Agency for Payments and Social Inspection and by the agencies for payments and social inspection in the county.

b) Seasonal work

  • granting for seasonal workers an allowance of 41,5 % of the salary, but not more than 41.5 % of the average gross wage gain in the economy, relating to the period worked. This facility may be granted until 31 December 2020, for a maximum of 3 months, at the choice of the employer, for employees who conclude individual employment contracts for a fixed period of up to 3 months.
  • the employer will pay the full consideration for the work provided under the individual fixed-term employment contract and then pay the 41,5% share through ANOFM.
  • the settlement from the unemployment insurance budget shall be made no later than 10 days after the date of submission of the application.

Measures for remote work

  • granting a 2.500 lei payment for the employees who worked in remote during the emergency period for at least 15 days, for the purchase of packages of goods and technology services necessary for the operation of the remote work system.
  • this measure is addressed to employers who can demonstrated the use of remote work during the State of Emergency period.
  • the money is provided through the national Employment Agency Work from the unemployment insurance budget, from subsidies from the state budget, within the allocated budget, until 31 December 2020.
  • the method of granting and the categories of goods that can be acquired are determined by order of the Minister of Labour and Social Protection, which will be published in the Official Gazette within 10 days after the publication of this emergency ordinance.