deCodre Dan October 18, 2021

Reliana Groza, Legal Consultant

Reliana is our colleague from Arad, who has been advising Ascent clients in their legal matters since 2008, prepares their papers and contracts necessary to carry out their activity.

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How did begin your collaboration with Ascent?

The collaboration with Ascent began in 2008 from a necessity, from the need to make a change in working life. After 8 years of the Chamber of Commerce in which we advise customers how to open a business and after an absolutely interesting period of commercial arbitration, I felt the need to learn more of several areas that were closely related to the companies.

After an interview with a former colleague from HR Ascent and another absolutely decisive interview with Adela Cristea, I realized that here is the place where I have every chance to “grow” nicely.

What is your job within the company?

For 8 years I have been employed as legal adviser and for 5 years I have been a collaborator of Ascent on the part of legal consultant for the clients managed by the Ascent group of companies. The work involves advice on the legal issues of the companies, preparation of the documents and contracts necessary to carry out their business, legal advice combining itself perfectly with the companies’ tax and HR activity.

What do you find motivating in your daily work?

Learn something new every day, with every particular to every customer.

What are the principles on which you live?

Perseverance and consistency, adaptability to everything that is new and good, a lot of work, and the way you talk to the people you interact with seems decisive to me in my work.

How do you see the future of the company?

I want to extend my legal cooperation in the field of agricultural cooperatives, which are relatively new in Romania, but of the future and continuing to expand in the agricultural sector.