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Ascent Group launches new topics in open training

Ascent Group has constantly developed in the last years high quality training programs. As a result of the feedback received from the customers and also of the recurrent demands from the actual and potential customers, we decided to start some open trainings in all the countries where we have offices: Romania (Bucharest and Arad), Republic of Moldova (Chişinău), Bulgaria (Sofia), Serbia (Belgrade).

The trainings will contain many new topics for the Romanian training market such as: Operational management, Supply chain management, Transports management, Finances for sales people, Cost controlling, Performance as assistant manager.

The open trainings will also cover general topics such as: Communication, Presentation techniques, Leadership, Time management, Project management, Conflict management, Stress management.

The Ascent Group's trainers are internationally recognized and they have many years of professional expertize on the assigned topics they will deliver.

More information about the open trainings you can find attached or on the web site: contact person - Dina Taralunga, 021-5693670.


Month Date Training topics
January 20-21 Operational management
February 11-12 Efficient negotiation tehniques
March 17-18 Performance as assistant manager
April 28-29 Cost controlling
May 12-13 Suply chain management
June 17 Offshore company, tax advantages
July 14-15 Efficient motivations for employees
September 15-16 Relationship with the client by phone
October 13-14 Finance for the sales force
November 17-18 Transport’s management
December 8-9 Public speaking


Month Date Training topics
January 13-14 Communication skills
February 9-10 Efficient recruitment tehniques
March 3-4 Transport’s management
April 6-7 Leadership skills
May 26-27 Customer care
June 23-24 Presentation tehniques
July 28-29 Project management
September 21-22 Sales tehniques
October 27-28 Conflict management
November 24-25 Performance as assistant manager
December 8-9 Time management


Month Date Training topics
January 27-28 Time management
February 17-18 Negotiation skills
March 24-25 Communication and presentation techniques
April 7-8 Coaching
May 19-20 Conflict management
June 9-10 Leadership skills
July 1-2 Change management
September 15-16 Commnication & Customer care
October 20-21 Project management
November 10-11 Strategic planning
December 8-9 Emotional intelligence
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