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Identity Compass® 2009

We are glad to announce that 2009 brings excellent news concerning the evolution of Identity Compass® on national and international level. March has a flying start with the licensing training organized in Arad and sustained by Adela Cristea during the 12th – 14th March, and also the first Worldwide Trainer & Consultant meeting.

This Worldwide Trainer & Consultant meeting will take place to Barcelona (Spain) during 21st - 22nd March, bringing together Identity Compass® trainers & consultants from Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Indonesia, India, Brazil, Poland, South Africa, Venezuela, Portugal, Croatia, Serbia, USA, Romania, who will have the opportunity to discuss with Arne Maus and Dr. Scheffer about latest insights.

In Romania, Identity Compass it's present through Ascent Group. National level licensing will carry on the 18th – 20th June (training location: Bucharest); 24th – 26th September (training location: Arad) and 10th - 12th December (training location: Bucharest). Those who are interested could find our more details writing an email or phoning to: 0257 – 251 881 (contact person: Mihaela Rotar).

In order to find out more information about the trainings' international calendar please access the following web page:

Moreover, the year 2009 gives the opportunity to all consultants, trainers and public to deepen its knowledge through a book about thinking preferences that will bring an advantage to the know-how of all accredited consultants, as well as to those who are interested in IC. This book's author is Arne Maus, who is also the creator of Identity Compass®.

Last but not least, the Identity Compass® team would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and many successes! We thank you for being close to us!

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